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When a person humbly goes through all problems as coming from the Creator, then precisely in the contradictions and threats that he feels, he reveals adhesion with the Creator as the only force and power.

Revealing the Creator, His power and perfection cover all the previously manifested contradictions, to the extent that, in the revealed perfection, it appears that the sufferings we previously experienced are related to the feeling of unity and perfection that is being revealed.

Revelation occurs only in the opposite quality. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the qualities opposite to the corrected state, in order to fully reveal the necessary qualities. Therefore, in order to achieve the adhesion, we have to reveal the disparity. (Baal HaSulam, Shamati 34)

If one creates efforts above oneself, feeling bitterness in the work, not seeing the result for himself nor for others, and the greater the efforts—the greater the bitterness, until the efforts and suffering accumulate to a degree when the Creator takes pity on him and gives him taste in work above the desire.

When one exerts in faith above reason, he gets used to going against egoism in work for the sake of the Creator and takes pleasure in working for the sake of the Creator. It is because efforts against oneself have created conditions in him to work only for the Creator so even his pleasures are for the Creator.

One must decide whether he wishes to annul before the Creator, to fulfill only His desires. After deciding to annul himself in everything, he asks to be able to do it.
Seeing that the body does not agree, he asks to completely annul himself, without leaving any desires.
This complete prayer is prayer for a whole desire.

When one feels the voice of the Creator in his heart as “He who comes to be purified is aided”—with his soul. The heart “hears the voice of the Creator,” desire to bestow rules over the desire to receive, the heart opens up to be filled by the Creator, and then he becomes completely filled by Him.

It is difficult to attribute evil actions to the Creator, for He is all good. And only to those who subjugate to His rule is His personal management revealed, that He is the source of all actions. And a person connects with the actions of the Creator.
And the difference between good and evil disappears. This is the main action of man!

All the qualities that a person uses to realize his connection with the friends are necessary for work with the Creator. And are originally created in man for his work with the Creator. But one must study and develop them in order to properly use all of them to receive the Upper light for the sake of the Creator. (Baal HaSulam, Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot 68)

All creations are necessary for everyone, for their development and achievement of complete correction. By working on bestowal with the friends, one develops the channels of communication with the Creator. And love for the friends is necessary in order to feel love for the Creator.
The group is a network of communication with the Creator.

Faced with major world disturbances, our small efforts toward correction are counted as big.
Therefore, it cannot be assumed that the world interferes with our spiritual work; on the contrary, it helps us! Without such interference we, being weak, could not correct anything.

After great protests from the ego, when a man disagrees with everything, even the Creator, at the peak of revolt, of jealousy of other’s success, hatred of rivals, he suddenly feels calmness, the Creator is letting him realize what the humility sent from above means.
He must develop it!

I rejoice at the problems that arise, but suffer from those still hidden, for they must unfold from their root, which they all initially stem from. Therefore, I rejoice in their disclosure, for by relating them to the Creator by faith above reason, I correct them all.
(Baal HaSulam Letter 5)

The Creator controls everything, but man has to reveal it, to determine that the concealment is also the Creator’s rule: a patient, having received the doctor’s medicine, is cured, but he must believe that he would’ve been cured even without the doctor, for this was predetermined by the Creator. That is how he relates concealment to the Creator. (Baal HaSulam, Letter 16)
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