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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We cannot eradicate egoism, but we can stop using it, which means his (Haman’s) death.
Instead, we begin using it to help Mordechai.
#quoteoftheday #Purim #jewish #Motivation #Israeli

One can come to good only through realization of evil. Therefore, Haman is needed—a factor that awakens evil, so that a confrontation with him pushes us to good. Without this factor, we would not have returned to #Israel from the exile of Egypt, Babylon, Soviet, and soon America.

We cannot eradicate #egoism, but we can stop using it, which means his (Haman’s) death.
Instead, we begin using it to help Mordechai. Mordechai sits on his horse, and Haman leads the horse, helping him to advance.
Destiny is in our hands. #Purim

What is special about the holiday of #Purim: in today’s world, as in a theater, the curtain rises and the performance begins.
#Jews are divided, scattered among the nations, and most importantly, they hate each other—#Haman fully dominates. And the king agrees with him…

#Haman—anti-Semite: Jews must be eradicated because they have scattered all over the world and do not wish to unite, thus they don’t fulfill the will of the Creator to “Love others as yourselves.”
This allowed #Mordechai to start calling Jews to unite, which is their salvation!
(Haman helped!) #Purim #Antisemitism

The #Irish Parliament proposes to ban “trade with the occupied territories.”
If earlier the hatred of Jews came from #Nazi #Germany, today it comes from the entire world.
Kabbalah: Jews are obliged to give the world a method of connection—or the nations will force Jews to do it
… with their hatred.

@UNHappinessRPT “2019 #Happiness Index”—Israel ranks 13th in well-being and quality of life. Once again #Israel is recognized as the happiest country in Asia and the #MiddleEast.
What causes the Creator’s concealment is people not learning from their #history!
Only Kabbalah reveals Creation!
From Twitter, 3/21/19

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Harmony Is A Balance Of Contradictions

232.09Question: What is stability and harmony from the Kabbalistic point of view?

Answer: Harmony is a balance between forces of reception and bestowal that mutually balance each other, emphasize, expand, increase, and at the same time lead to stabilization.

Question: Then why was it necessary to create a contradiction? Was it not possible to immediately create harmony and stability?

Answer: No. Then we would not feel them. We would be like insects that exist in relative harmony. We see that existence, especially in our world, consists precisely of the struggle between the two principles. Therefore, there is no harmony here, but only an alternating, fluctuating struggle that leads to a state of either greater or lesser balance between the two opposite forces.

Only the wisdom of Kabbalah explains how it is possible to reach such a balance where both forces will mutually complement each other.

In the corporeal world, these forces mutually exclude one another, try to destroy and annul each other. “Kabbalah,” which is translated from Hebrew as “the wisdom of reception,” explains how to correctly build a mutual combination of two opposites so that spiritual existence would be possible between them.

Earthy life is founded on simple principles: on the relative equilibrium of inanimate, vegetative, and animate entities that exist for a certain time and then die. That is, the corporeal balance does not withstand the test of time.

Spirituality, on the contrary, develops constantly until it reaches absolute balance in all its manifestations, which is called Gmar Tikun (the end of correction).

Question: Does it mean that the concept of happiness can exist only if there are contradictions?

Answer: Happiness is only possible when there is a struggle and it is felt precisely during those moments when this struggle comes to balance. There can be no satisfaction, happiness, or pleasure if you do not feel emptiness beforehand. Therefore, there must be a struggle in order to feel its positive result. This is this way in everything.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/16/18

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New Life 176 – Prayer And Human Development

New Life 176 – Prayer And Human Development
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Prayer is work in the heart. We pray when we turn to our hearts, soften them, and repair them so we can absorb and feel more of the world. We connect with all of creation when we pray out of mutual concern and mutual responsibility. The connected world forces us to pray together for everyone and evolve as human beings.
From KabTV’s “New Life 176 – Prayer And Human Development,” 4/30/13

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