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In the process of creating a Kli, I start to feel how the Upper One starts to help me! He dresses in me and helps me, like a mother plays with a child, helping him assemble a house out of blocks. When I try and fail, I feel that He helps me understand it the right way…

It’s useful when it seems as if someone else is working for the Creator better, since envy raises and strengthens one in the work. To the extent one sees the friend as greater than himself, the flame of envy and jealousy will ignite in him for the Creator’s work and attainment.

The importance of work is expressed from the lowest state, when one feels annulled, as if he is nonexistent and has no power over his desire—and thus he enters spirituality.

Just as the Creator does not think of Himself, of whether or not He exists, whether He governs or not, and has no doubts, so one wishing to attain equivalence with the Creator mustn’t think about it since there is no greater difference between them.
One who thinks of himself is separated from the Creator and does not attain equivalence.

The most important thing is that no one in the ten will think about his own importance and will annul himself, for the Creator is present in the ten. When each one feels that he is the last one and his friends are the head, they open up a path for the upper light to them.
The main light shines to the one who is most annulled.

Restriction means to restrict oneself and not wish for anything more. One wishes to eternally remain in whatever state he is in at present. It doesn’t matter how perfect this state is, he wishes to dwell in it forever. It is then called permanent “adhesion.”

All your actions should be directed at the Creator, at adhering with Him, through bestowal to the friends. Thus you will reach the similarity with the Creator: as His actions are directed toward the good of all, so will yours be. From this point you will reach adhesion.
From Twitter, 3/17/19

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