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The spiritual comes not only by getting closer to spirituality, but also by distancing from it, when egoism gets revealed and demands its fulfillment.
And in one’s efforts to go above it, relating everything to the Creator, a person attains, in joy, the quality of bestowal and submission—degree of Moses.

The condition for receiving of the #Torah: to be in lowliness of sensation and understanding.
And if you agree to remain in it, exerting efforts in joy, as if there is nothing greater than this state—then this state is called small (Katnut), and should be permanent.
While the large state (Gadlut) is temporary, additional.

Wanting to walk in bestowal, one feels the emptiness and the need to fill it with the greatness of the Creator, to go above himself, without any attainment, only by unconditional subjugation of himself and only asks for help to fill the emptiness with the greatness of the Creator.

Feeling only the light on the path, a person can’t determine whether he’s in the states for the sake of the Creator or for his own. Therefore, a state of darkness comes from above, and if he continues to work for the Creator with joy, it means that he is in the state of bestowal.

About my #Teacher
The more time has lapsed after Rabash’s passing, the closer I felt to him.
Rabash gave all of himself. There was never a moment when he would do anything for himself. Everything was flowing only in one direction: from oneself to others.
And he infected me with this flow.
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About my #Teacher
I felt RABASH pushing me forward. I had no choice but to advance like him without deviating or yielding to temptation, I had to do everything to pass to the world what he wanted me to, and what he’s given me. I felt this responsibility on me.

It is believed that people of Sodom had terrible relationships.
But the only condition they had was to strictly and invariably abide by the rule “mine is mine, yours is yours,” which is absolutely opposite to love of friends.
But neither steal, nor harm, nor profit from the other—everyone within himself!

No education in the world can change the nature of man from egoism to altruism. Only Kabbalistic education, since it brings out the quality of love and bestowal from the Upper nature, the Creator, is able to correct our #egoism into its opposite quality, #altruism.

Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation: The egoistic system is based on envy and hatred. People will never get rid of them. If capitalists are not taking the blame, the hatred will turn toward #Israel. Nothing will cure the nations from their hatred of Israel except the altruistic system.

Baal HaSulam. The Last generation: The people of #Israel are hated by all the nations. This #hatred is primary, concerning all arguments, each one motivates his hatred according to his own psychology.
The only solution is to practice moral inter-ethnic altruistic relations.
#AntiSemitism #hate #internationalrelationships

Baal HaSulam. The Last Generation: Freedom of individual must be upheld unless he is harmful to society. But if someone wants to leave and enter a different society, he should not be stopped even if it harms the environment. Unless it leads to the destruction of society as a whole.

Physicists started talking about reality of the world again—is there an objective to reality? How can it be observed if the observer is not objective? Is there free choice?
Kabbalah: there is no reality. We depict the world inside us.
Tuning to reality occurs to the extent that you get rid of your egoism.

People are living longer, becoming even more concerned about providing for their lengthy old age. Whether they can work in their old age. Save for old age. Clearly long life doesn’t make us happy. Such is the world we created for ourselves. This is what our ego has driven us to.
#elderly #Happiness #oldage #retiredlife

In the process of building a Kli, I begin to feel how the Upper one starts to help! He transforms into me and helps me, like a mother playing with a child, helping him build a house with blocks. When I try to do it and can’t, I feel that He helps me understand correctly …

The only form the spiritual has is the one we build with our desires. We are given only the informational record from above (Reshimo), we build the form ourselves. From the upper degree we are given strength and intelligence for its realization, at our request.
I build the world with efforts, I draw it on the background of light.

The Creator is revealed only through my efforts to stay connected with Him.
He leaves me only one point free of Him for my response. In it, my “I” can be manifested. This point is revealed in me if I can hold on to the Creator controlling me from above, in thoughts and desires.

Our whole life is building a puzzle. This puzzle contains the intention of the Creator who made it. Therefore, building this puzzle, with a conscious desire to know its creator, we come to attain Him. We are initially made in such a way that by finding the Creator of the world in our current state, we come to reveal Him.

The #Jewish people are the source of all good and evil in the world. Therefore, it is no accident that #AntiSemitism exists everywhere.
All good and evil in the world depends only on connections between people. If we establish the right connections among the people of #Israel so will the world establish good mutual relations.
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