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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/29/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Everything that happens in the world comes from one source, and it’s only in order for us to hear and understand His conversation with us!
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The difficulty of becoming an embryo lies in having to acquire the quality of bestowal—in one’s natural quality of reception. Only the Creator can do this since it is contrary to man’s egoistic nature.

One becomes an embryo when one stops thinking of oneself completely, and thinks only about how to follow the Creator. This is called going by faith above reason, in the quality of bestowal, as Kabbalists have instructed.

The Creator created a desire for self-gratification (#egoism). It conceals (doesn’t feel) the Creator due to disparity of form with Him. We must annul the egoism (Tzimtzum Aleph) and then turn it into bestowal, similarity to the Creator, and attain adhesion (the goal of creation).

Uncorrected desires with the sparks of Ohr Hozer rise to conception to the extent of the light’s influence. Desires are dead (egoistic), but the spark from the reflected light Ohr Hozer, that was previously in them, helps it restore and receive light in bestowal, MAN.

Spiritual work begins with the state of Embryo, when one annuls himself, his self-love, and acquires the quality of bestowal.
One must believe that before the soul was revealed in our world, it was adhered to the Creator, and thus he now strives to attain the same state, i.e., annul himself completely.

Friends, we are indifferent to slanderers, but the Creator sends them and we must use them to spread the knowledge about Him. In our world only falsehood can spread. Therefore, they help us by spreading lies, while we write the truth about it and people gradually absorb it…

Ibur means that the Upper one corrects me if I annul myself like an embryo inside a mother, without a name or opinion, who eats directly from the Upper one, doesn’t yet have his own name, who receives everything straight into himself, not through the mouth, he cannot even speak—so much faith he has in the Upper one in everything.
From Twitter, 3/29/19

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The Ten—There I Find My Soul

laitman_962.8The Creator constantly hides the truth from me, showing me various scenes that make me forget about Him. Therefore, the Creator disappears and I see myself and this world, but each time I need to forcefully bring back my reality to the truth. Above everything that He does, I need to return everything to the corrected form and determine that every state, my own and the world’s, is organized by the Creator.

The Creator confuses me as though He did not do it all. I am obliged to return Him to the head of everything. The illusory world, the imaginary self, it is the  Creator who creates this illusion. What’s best for me is to determine that the Creator governs everything that happens. This is called good. I am happy to elevate Him as the King not because it gives me positive sensations, but because I succeed in making Him the ruler.

The truth is that the Creator governs over everything, and it is unimportant to me how I perceive it in my sensations as pleasant or unpleasant states.1

If a person wishes to know who he is, where he came from, and why he lives, the answers to all the essential questions, then that already is the beginning of the human degree. An animal does not ask why it is alive. There are also many people who don’t want to think about this since “the less you know, the better you sleep.”

A person wishes to succeed in this life: to learn, acquire a profession, and so on. However, if he must know why this life is given to us, what its purpose is, why the human being is created, he will be unable to find the answer in this life, no matter how much he searches. He can turn to biologists, zoologists, physicists, and no one will be able to answer him.

Scientists know how matter works. Yet, why the matter exists is unknown to them because the answer is above, on the next degree above the matter, in what preceded its creation. If I am bothered by that question, then I must solve it because it is ruining my life. Why should I study this life if I do not understand what it is for?

Finally I realize the need to develop myself to a new level of perceiving reality. If I could penetrate into the depth of reality, I would reveal its cause or root. Then, I find the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is clear that it is the Creator behind the scenes who leads me, reveals Himself, hinting which way to go.2

After one makes such an effort, the Creator is revealed. There are strict laws here: as soon as the extent of effort in terms of quantity and quality is reached, we reveal the higher root according to how much we invested. The more effort, the greater the revelation. From the side of the upper, there is no concealment; the concealment comes from our insufficient effort.3

If the upper providence was revealed, all the inhabitants of this world would automatically become completely righteous. The effort is the pledge whereby one does not act automatically and truly becomes equal to the Creator, not thinking about himself but only about bestowal.

This new Kli exists in the ten, in the ten Sefirot. Then we understand that we have no other opportunity to turn to the Creator, come closer to Him, think of Him, and direct our efforts toward Him. We need to reformat ourselves, adjusting to the Creator so that we connect and establish contact. That is possible only by forcefully inserting ourselves into the ten and through it reach equivalence with the Creator.

That is, all our effort should be for inclusion in the group with no reserves. By inserting ourselves in the ten, we find that the whole world exists there, billions of people, the whole universe, and the spiritual worlds. Our world is a tiny grain of sand compared to what exists in the ten. There we find our soul.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/3/19, Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot
1 Minute 10:50
2 Minute 19:28
3 Minute 25:47
4 Minute 29:10

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Modern Model Of God

laitman_294.1Question: Scientists wonder how an absolute God, whose spatial dimensions are equal to absolute zero, could create and govern such a grandiose world?

They give an example: If we imagine that the speed of a car traveling around a block, say at ten kilometers is increased to infinity, then ultimately, we will not see this car.

Answer: It will always be located at all points, literally spread over the entire volume. As Einstein says: mass will approach infinity.

Question: What is God, where is He? How does He rule the world, being in such a completely incomprehensible state?

Answer: Frankly? There is no God.

God is the power that holds all the higher and the lower matter. This common force of the universe is called the Creator. Only with respect to us, can we explore and perceive it as a Creator, but nothing else. Above this we cannot comprehend, He no longer applies to us. What He has besides us and how He can be called there, we know nothing of that. We only know about us and call Him “our Maker,” “the Creator.”

It is only a thought, a design. This thought is the power of creation, it has created everything, including us. We are in this thought, in this plan, which is called the plan of creation.

We are its parts that exist within it and perform all actions (thinking, not thinking, not even understanding what and how), everything that this idea dictates to us, how it realizes itself in us… That is the way we act.

This thought is absolutely everywhere. It is all that exists. Besides it, everything else only seems as if it exists because we do not grasp it, this thought, this intention. If we grasped it, then, firstly, there would be nothing more to ask, we would understand that there is none else besides Him.

Question: The Creator controls the power of what and how does He rule?

Answer: The Creator is the universal force, which in particular, controls everything: rules, controls, and programs! He also creates all actions in us, and He receives all reactions from us. He is absolutely everything!

We are given only a single opportunity: to think about how we can comprehend Him. Everything else is done by Him, and this quality of ours, to attain Him, is free from Him, so that we do it in an absolutely freewill.

Question: How can a person learn to read the thoughts of the Creator, this global thought that you are talking about?

Answer: In order to read His thoughts, understand Him, and feel Him, one must rise to the level of the Creator, one must acquire His qualities.

Question: How can you do it?

Answer: This is already technology: How can I make myself a creation that will be able to understand the Creator, feel Him, and interact with Him? In order to do so, I need to change myself, to determine exactly what qualities in me are opposed to Him, unlike Him, and how I can change them so that they are similar to Him.

Question: What is the list of the Creator’s qualities so that it can be compared?

Answer: There is no need for a large list. There is only one quality. His quality is absolute love, and my quality is absolute hatred. So, in order to reach the Creator, I need to change my quality of absolute hatred into absolute love.

Question: How does one agree that the quality of a person is absolute hatred? One considers himself quite decent.

Answer: This is the period of re-education, which is called the revelation of evil of its own egoistic nature.

Question: And how can he go from the point of understanding himself to the point of the Creator?

Answer: To the extent that I comprehend myself as an absolutely egoistic quality—a quality that cares and thinks only about itself and enjoys how much it is higher than others or how it can humiliate others—to this extent, based on the opposite properties, I can imagine what it means to be the Creator or in the place of the Creator, and I have to move myself toward it.

Question: Is there some key point here?

Answer: The key point is the awakening of questions in a person about the meaning of life, the meaning of existence, its worthlessness, etc. In this case, you can already talk about changing your attitude toward the world, toward life, toward yourself, and toward the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/9/18

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New Life 184 – The Flood As Nature’s Balancing Act

New Life 184 – The Flood As Nature’s Balancing Act
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Nature is an integral system of laws that strive for balance. The development of egoism has alienated man from nature. We have an exploitative attitude to everything. When we take for our own good, we do evil to others. When the imbalance toward life accumulates to a critical threshold, the flood comes to return balance. The world becomes round and linked, but human society becomes increasingly imbalanced. Humans must develop a balanced mind and heart in order to evolve beyond the animate level of life. We must use emotion to transcend our egos, correct the relationships between us, and blossom into one, complete family in which there is abundance for all.
From KabTV’s “New Life 184 – The Flood As Nature’s Balancing Act,” 5/21/13

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