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The main threat isn’t the #terrorist attacks. Radical #Islamists will act wisely and quietly: force their people to the right places, deploy an ideologically savvy network, the targeted terror. If the #Europeans don’t wish to lead the world in #peace, the world will endure without them.

One must decide that he wants the Creator to give him the desire to annul himself completely. Seeing that there is no such desire, he should ask the Creator to help him annul despite himself, leaving nothing for himself.

Bina—to feel the perfection in that which is. And if one doesn’t feel it, he asks the Creator to help him go against his desire, only for the sake of the Creator, without any conditions from himself. Since he can’t overcome his egoism, he asks the Creator to help him overcome it.

Upon leaving Egypt, Israel fell into complete lack of understanding. And when they agreed to unconditionally advance in such a state with joy, although they felt the emptiness, this was a beginning of the degree (Ibur), while fulfillment was an addition.

A person should be filled with joy from working for the Creator. If there is no joy, it means there is no faith in the Creator’s greatness. But if one aims at the Creator, then to the extent of His greatness, the sensation of joy arises as a result.
(Rabash, “Yenika and Ibur”)

The world—a raging ocean of thoughts and desires—operates by a program.
We have to understand this system and its laws.
#Life is pushing us into a higher dimension!
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Our unity is our salvation. Internal proximity to one other possesses a spiritual force. Call it whatever you will: Creator, Upper Force, Love, Bestowal—it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this force will “fight” for us and it will win. In every war and in every conflict.

#Neurobiologists know what your decision or choice between two alternatives will be 11 seconds before you make it (become aware of it). Your actions are completely predictable prior to their conscious manifestation in you.
#Kabbalah has spoken about this for nearly 6,000 years. #Freedom of choice lies elsewhere…

Since #Jews originate from the 70 nations of Babylon, they are prone to fragmentation more than other nations—which is what we are witnessing as they scatter away from #Israel. This is because they contain various qualities of all the nations of the world.
It is also the source of their yearning to be themselves, BUT among other nations.
#Israel #Jewish

#Jews are smarter than others because initially, in ancient Babylon, they came from all the 70 nations of Babylon, those who, at the call of #Abraham, were ready to reveal the Creator between them in unity. And then, united, they attained the Highest universal #wisdom, which they offer to the whole world today.
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By being idle, you let the time drag on and wallow in self-pity. Hence do everything that is in your power.
(Baal HaSulam, Letter 5)
Especially since there is an opportunity to turn to the group and quickly come out of any low state to the following one along the ladder.
From Twitter, 3/28/19

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