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#Antisemitism always comes as a mandatory element in the development of a society. As it rose up in #Germany amid the defeat in the First World War, so it rises today in the native #Europeans against the background of failings in #economy, #politics, and in public life. #europe

One must believe that the Creator is happy when he asks the Creator to come closer to Him through equivalence of form, for one’s desires to acquire the intention of bestowal. To this, the Creator says, “They have defeated Me”: I gave them egoism and they persuaded Me to change it to the will to bestow.

A person becomes an embryo when, after many rejections from the Creator and attempts to cleave to Him, he accumulates the passion and drive necessary for adhesion (copulation). Through multiple attempts, the yearning becomes whole—and that is when adhesion (Zivug) happens.

The importance of the spiritual state is when it is “close to zero,” meaning to man’s complete annulment of the “self” above his growing ego, when he does not wish to determine the states in his spiritual life, but completely liberates his “self” into the Creator’s authority.

Everything is filled by upper light. We are inside it. But only in the place where man’s desire becomes similar to the quality of light, bestowal, the light comes through in that desire. Before such a desire is revealed in man, the light is concealed and comes through to the extent that the source of light, the Creator, is exalted.

Baal HaSulam: The world is mistaken to think that #Nazism came from #Germany. It is rather a product of #democracy and #socialism that were freed from #religion and #morality. Hence Nazism will easily emerge in Anglo-Saxon societies in which democracy and socialism develop.

The spiritual embryo (Ubar) means you see everything that happens, but in spite of your understanding, you accept everything as coming only from the Creator, allowing the Creator to do everything to you as He deems necessary (Lemala Mi Daat). I thus become an “embryo”—the smallest, first spiritual state.

The desire for “freedom” has estranged #Europeans from their roots. The EU is being alienated from its #history and #culture—from itself.
#freedom #europe

The #EU‘s problem is agreeing to violence and justifying it. This resembles an epidemic, heralding an overhaul of #social foundations. Western ideals do not provide any defense against barbarity and are self-destructive.
From Twitter, 3/27/19

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