My Thoughts On Twitter 3/25/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We feel that we cause #climate change by heating the planet’s atmosphere. But a single volcanic eruption causes eminently more pollution and atmospheric warming.
If we change the connections between us, we’ll change our relationship with nature, and everything will come into balance.

#Climatologists: US will undergo a wave of powerful #flooding this spring.
Kabbalah: Although we reveal the connection between human actions and the reaction of nature, in reality, the impact on nature determines our relationships between each other. Thus we cause #hurricanes

On March 22-23 an astounding, special virtual #Kabbalah congress was held. There were over 2,500 connections, a huge number of participants.
For the first time at a congress, I felt a completely new degree of our development and preparation. I am very grateful to everyone for that!

By receiving I bestow, become equal to the Giver, sensing unity. What I receive becomes auxiliary: I understand that the Creator gives in order to establish connection between Him and creation. The main thing is in our relationship, which determines everything where “The Creator and His name are one whole.” It is called Love.

The vessel for receiving light after the restriction, Tzimtzum Aleph, is reflected light, Ohr Hozer. Receiving filling by Ohr Panimi in reflected light Ohr Hozer is in my attitude to the Host, Ohr Hozer, in my aspiration to Him. By that I receive another taste of filling by Ohr Panimi—both in quality and quantity.
From Twitter, 3/25/19

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