My Thoughts On Twitter 3/18/19

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The introduction of #robots will free millions of people from work. Recipients of #UBI will turn into parasites and cause a social catastrophe.
Kabbalah: There is only one way out—to oblige everyone to “working hours” of participation in re-educating themselves and society.
… and receive universal basic income for this.
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As laser beams appear when a special mixture is sprayed in the room, so we need to show good efforts—and the invisible threads of connection between everyone will begin to glow. This will be the revelation of the system of the soul.

– What does universal connection mean?
– When you don’t need a government because everyone knows what he has to do each moment in order to replenish the system to its perfect state. For the whole system is also inside him and he feels it, because “the part and the whole are equal.”

Berlin Summit. Purpose: to find solutions to the problems of humanity. In a diverse world, it is necessary to coordinate relations based on common principles of behavior…
But the general principle of behavior is a joint struggle against egoism, in similitude to integral nature!

Do not judge a man until you are in his place.
It is said that a man must always remain a human being, but fear and despair change him so much that he performs unthinkable acts.
Preventing betrayal, lies or treason is possible by correcting the nature of man.
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From Twitter, 3/18/19

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