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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/28/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The main threat isn’t the #terrorist attacks. Radical #Islamists will act wisely and quietly: force their people to the right places, deploy an ideologically savvy network, the targeted terror. If the #Europeans don’t wish to lead the world in #peace, the world will endure without them.

One must decide that he wants the Creator to give him the desire to annul himself completely. Seeing that there is no such desire, he should ask the Creator to help him annul despite himself, leaving nothing for himself.

Bina—to feel the perfection in that which is. And if one doesn’t feel it, he asks the Creator to help him go against his desire, only for the sake of the Creator, without any conditions from himself. Since he can’t overcome his egoism, he asks the Creator to help him overcome it.

Upon leaving Egypt, Israel fell into complete lack of understanding. And when they agreed to unconditionally advance in such a state with joy, although they felt the emptiness, this was a beginning of the degree (Ibur), while fulfillment was an addition.

A person should be filled with joy from working for the Creator. If there is no joy, it means there is no faith in the Creator’s greatness. But if one aims at the Creator, then to the extent of His greatness, the sensation of joy arises as a result.
(Rabash, “Yenika and Ibur”)

The world—a raging ocean of thoughts and desires—operates by a program.
We have to understand this system and its laws.
#Life is pushing us into a higher dimension!
#quotes #MotivationalQuotes #success #ThursdayThoughts

Our unity is our salvation. Internal proximity to one other possesses a spiritual force. Call it whatever you will: Creator, Upper Force, Love, Bestowal—it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this force will “fight” for us and it will win. In every war and in every conflict.

#Neurobiologists know what your decision or choice between two alternatives will be 11 seconds before you make it (become aware of it). Your actions are completely predictable prior to their conscious manifestation in you.
#Kabbalah has spoken about this for nearly 6,000 years. #Freedom of choice lies elsewhere…

Since #Jews originate from the 70 nations of Babylon, they are prone to fragmentation more than other nations—which is what we are witnessing as they scatter away from #Israel. This is because they contain various qualities of all the nations of the world.
It is also the source of their yearning to be themselves, BUT among other nations.
#Israel #Jewish

#Jews are smarter than others because initially, in ancient Babylon, they came from all the 70 nations of Babylon, those who, at the call of #Abraham, were ready to reveal the Creator between them in unity. And then, united, they attained the Highest universal #wisdom, which they offer to the whole world today.
#kabbalah #torah #wisdom

By being idle, you let the time drag on and wallow in self-pity. Hence do everything that is in your power.
(Baal HaSulam, Letter 5)
Especially since there is an opportunity to turn to the group and quickly come out of any low state to the following one along the ladder.
From Twitter, 3/28/19

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Kabbalah Is Open Source Code For Rebooting Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/28/19

Animals never make mistakes, because nature operates them perfectly. Yet people go wrong all the time.

In the 21st century, we have reached an absurd state where our existence on this planet can come to an end with the push of a button. And even at the individual level, many live like modern-day slaves, spending hours on end working, commuting, and being busy and tense all the time. It’s only natural that antidepressant prescriptions are skyrocketing.

Unlike human society where chaos seems to be prevalent, the more we delve into nature, the more we reveal a wondrous wisdom. Every element and every being appear to be harmoniously connected to each other. Nothing exists in isolation. Every life form contributes to the rest of the system.

So why does nature seem to fail when it comes to us, humans? Are we some sort of a bug in nature’s operating system?

The answer is no. Rather, Kabbalah explains that we lack the ability to see the bigger picture. All our problems, our challenges and our suffering are continuously orchestrated to develop us as human beings. The chaos we see around us is designed for us to finally ask: What’s going on? Where are we headed? What is our purpose here?

To get answers, however, we will have to rise to a higher level of human experience, to the next level of human evolution.

Look at what we have accomplished so far. We have developed a sophisticated virtual network that connects us across the globe, through our computers and smartphones. Everything is connected in today’s global village, except our hearts. We have yet to build the next level of human connection. Mankind is due for a system upgrade.

Our time demonstrates a growing clash between the connected nature of the world, and the self-centered nature of man. Simply put, we are misguided by our individual egos, pushing us to exploit each other and everything else for personal gain.

It’s as though mankind is stuck with an old operating system. Our egoistic society rewards mutual exploitation, encouraging everyone to be out there for himself, alone against the world. Ironically, our sophisticated means of communication only further highlight how emotionally separate from each other we’ve become.

So how do we upgrade our awareness to suit nature’s operating system? To succeed, we need an upgrade guide, written by top-notch developers, well versed in nature’s code. This is precisely what the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah provides.

For millennia, Kabbalah was practiced by a small group. However, it was intended to become revealed to all in a time when the need to upgrade human nature will present itself. And that time is now.

Once we go through the upgrade, a whole new level of life awaits us, where each of us is inherently connected to the whole of humanity; where everyone wants to benefit everyone else; where we discover the true meaning behind the concept of “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Loving your neighbor as yourself, is not about ethics, mannerisms, or even acts of kindness. These are just potential side effects. “Love thy neighbor” means an expansion of human emotion and perception that puts us in contact with the loving force of nature itself. The underlying force that guides nature’s operating system. This revelation fills us with divine pleasures from a higher level of awareness, and we discover that it was all designed for us right from the beginning.

Take a free course to learn the code for yourself >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Subjugation—The Main Spiritual Action

laitman_290Subjugation is the main spiritual action until the very end of correction, the basis of all spiritual work. The more we look for opportunities to subjugate ourselves, the faster the speed of our spiritual advancement. We should not wait for the opportunity to subjugate our egoism to come up by itself and crown the Creator as the one who builds the entire universe, controls all reality, and sends us all the states, from the best to the worst ones.

I myself seek out the opportunity to subjugate myself: “I awaken the dawn and the dawn does not awaken me.” Therefore, we need to prepare ourselves to be in subjugation, accepting everything by faith above reason, as coming from the Creator. No matter what happens, this is an exercise, a game the Creator plays with me. There is none else besides the Creator who places all sorts of obstacles in front of me, which I must accept not as obstacles on the way, but as an opportunity to connect with Him.

All these obstacles, my mistakes and transgressions, turn into Mitzvot when I decide that there is none else besides the Creator and that everything is done by Him. The transgression is being under the power of a disturbance and not seeing anything besides it. After all, there is no doubt that the disturbance is sent by the Creator by virtue of His absolute love, not to weaken me, but for my advancement.

Usually, after a great success after a congress, we feel a vague state and fatigue. But fatigue does not exist in spirituality, there is only a lack of fuel that we need to fill up as a result of the growing desire.

First, the Creator sends small disturbances, burdening of the heart, misunderstanding, confusion, and fatigue. Then come more serious problems that cannot be resolved by one sentence: “There is none else besides Him,” but require a whole process of work. It is no longer “two plus two” but a more complex formula. No matter what happens, we move on the path of subjugation, wanting to crown the Creator to rule over everything that happens so that He is the sole ruler, one source, and reason beside which there is nothing. This is our constant work.

If at some moment I do not see that the Creator rules in my whole world, it means I have come out of sanctity and no longer belong to the spiritual system. Therefore, I must immediately return to the state “There is none else besides Him” and get strengthened by attracting the whole group to this.1

If in the ten, we fall into the state of the sons of Jacob, the brothers who do not want to unite, then we feel hunger in the land of Israel because of the inability to advance in spirituality—a lack of spiritual fulfillment. Therefore, we have to start working with our desire to enjoy: descend into Egypt, into slavery to Pharaoh.2

The preparatory work begins with Abraham, Isaac, and ends at Jacob, in the middle line, where the unity of the sons of Jacob, his followers, takes place, where the formation of a group is already taking place. At first, this group does not want to unite, but it is forced to subjugate by famine, the feeling of lack of results from all their attempts to work with their desire to enjoy that divides them.

They have no choice but to descend into Egypt, into slavery to Pharaoh. The work in the Egyptian slavery is work on unification during the seven years of satiation and seven years of famine. They come to the realization that they will never be able to unite without revealing the Creator, they need help from above.

Therefore, they receive the Torah and unite “as one man with one heart” in Arvut (mutual guarantee). This group continues to unite, each time revealing an increasingly strong desire to enjoy between them and subjugating themselves more and more. Acquiring the steps of subjugation ends upon completing all the work in the desert, which allows them to achieve the right connection and build the Temple. The Temple is a spiritual vessel, a group, within which the Creator is able to dwell and reveal Himself to everyone to the extent of similarity of properties.

This is the path of spiritual development, the path of Torah. We must pass such states by faith above reason, in subjugation, in order to get to the Temple.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/19, Lesson on the Topic “Surrender (Subjugation)”
1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 30:29
3 Minute 39:23

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A Sign That The Creator Has Disappered

laitman_276.05Throughout the day, you need to pursue only one thought: “There is none else besides the Creator, the Good who does good”; come back to it all the time and try to hold on to it so as not to lose a pleasant feeling. If we feel bad, if something goes wrong in our life, this is a sign that the Creator has disappeared from our sight.

If I have any kind of trouble: feel bad or have a bad mood, this is only because the Creator has no presence in my life. If I connect all my states with Him, I must feel great, I must feel comfort, the light of hope, a connection with the true, eternal reality. All this is due to the fact that I remember the Creator.

However, the Creator can play with us by sending us unpleasant feelings so that we can start looking for and justifying Him. He knows in advance that we will be able to justify Him, which is why He gives us such exercises.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/19, Surrender (Subjugation)
1 Minute 55:30

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How Not To Fall Into Self-Indulgence?

Laitman_632.1Question: How can you not fall into enjoying yourself from thinking you are so smart, important, and concerned about the purpose of life? How can I achieve real results?

Answer: The fact that you feel that you are great and smart is good. However, you must keep in mind that you have to be grateful to the Creator for this. Where does all this greatness and knowledge come from? It is from Him. This comes first.

Secondly, what do you really have? What did you receive that you feel proud about? A little child who has received a new toy also finds himself in euphoria, maybe in a state even more fulfilling that yours.

Everything depends on the size of the desire. If it is small, it is easy to fulfill and you will feel like you’re at the peak of success. If the desires are large, it is much harder to satisfy them and you will feel empty. Therefore, everything is measured against your desire, how big it is. For now, our desires are still very small.

Certainly, it is desirable to be in a good state, but at the same time, you must understand that this is because the Creator is shining upon you and not because you have achieved something on your own.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/25/18

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New Life #182 – Rebellion And Uprisings

New Life #182 – Rebellion and Uprisings
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


When we are united as Jews, no foreign forces come upon us. When the connection between us is weakened, anti-Semitism arrives. Revolts came when internal struggles broke out among Jews regarding money, honor, and control over connection and equality. Restoring and maintaining the spirit of connection, equality, and love among Jews requires the establishment of a comprehensive, integral, social-educational system. We must go out against our apathy, rejection, mutual distance, and hatred in order to create balance and security.
From KabTV’s “New Life #182 –Rebellion and Uprisings,” 5/19/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 3/28/19

Lesson Preparation

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Writings of Rabash, Vol. 1, Article 31, “Concerning Yenika [Nursing] and Ibur [Impregnation]” (1986)

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, Letter 19  (1927)

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Lesson on the Topic “Building The Future Society”

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