Sacrificing Pride

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter such a remarkable achievement when you managed to unite so much during my absence, you need to look at how to use these results, this connection. And here we must make a “sacrifice.”

Indeed, the obstacle may arise from two sides. Either we fall, despair, lose hope for the future, and feel the darkness in our desire to enjoy, or vice versa, we are glad of our strength, success, and attribute everything to ourselves. And this leads to more separation because it captivates us and veils our eyes so that people cannot see anything.

This is worse than despair. But in both situations, we need to learn how to use these extreme, polar states for advancement. A person must use two lines: the left and the right to come to the middle line.

This is a wonderful state, allowing us to feel everything “in the raw.” Self-love and pride live in everyone. And if we feel that we have achieved a new success, we must now attribute all that to the Creator. Not we, but He did this! He gave, and not we have achieved. He brought us to this feeling, and not we ourselves came to it.

The Creator acted in everything, as it is said: “I am the first, and I am the last!” If we analyze the results correctly, then we will come to greater adhesion, not disconnection. In our state today, this clarification is the most important thing.

It is good that we see and can go through this together and get valuable experience. I am glad that there was a situation that I had to leave, and you have succeeded in my absence due to the help from Above. Now, I can help you with advice from the side about how to use your inner state and to learn from it. The Creator’s help and mercy were manifested here. This is a great training and advancement.

However, we all need to beware of pride so that everything begins and ends with the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/26/12, Shamati #219

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