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Egoism will never agree with the fact that it is the Jews’ own fault that others abuse us. The religious people also won’t agree with it. Only those who understand the structure and program of the universe can understand what is happening in the world, the root of #antiSemitism
…. and recognize that unity of #Jews is the solution to the world’s problems.

#Jews hate those studying authentic #Kabbalah more than non-Jews since it obligates Jews to correct #egoism. This hatred for Kabbalists is natural, instinctive—just as non-Jews feel repelled by Jews. By correcting our attitude to Kabbalah, we will eradicate #antiSemitism.

I write about unity of #Jews so they will be liberated of #hatred. Our war isn’t against anti-Semites, but against the Creator, who called us His children and then rejected us since we have separated from Him. We shouldn’t fight the #Antisemites, but the egoism that separates us.
Then the world will calm down.
#antiSemitism #egoism

Always remember that the Creator’s goal is to fulfill the creatures. If objections arise, an opportunity arises to work for the sake of the Creator. Rather than seeing the objections as harmful, see them instead as making room for efforts—place them into bestowing intentions until a Kli for receiving light appears.

A person doesn’t reach adhesion with the Creator in his first attempt, but through many rejections, in order for him to develop the desire for connection with the Creator, suffering that turns into pleasure.
The Creator counts his efforts until he reaches the necessary strain for the adhesion.(Baal HaSulam, Letter 19)

The essence of our efforts to reveal the Creator is to link everything that happens to us to the Creator. One who fails to do this, it is as if he rejects all the worlds created for the revelation of the Creator to man.
Therefore, it is necessary to see only the actions of the Creator in everything that happens. (Baal HaSulam. Letter 18)

Until a person reaches the first degree of revelation (the first similarity with the Creator), his learning and connection with the group worsen his condition, his concealment: this way the Creator wants to draw him to Himself in order to accelerate his efforts.

The most difficult in spiritual work (to reveal the connection with the Creator in similarity) is the first contact with Him (Baal HaSulam. One Commandment).
Therefore, what we are studying now in our lessons is so important and
one must not simply repeat but re-experience the lessons several times.

The balance of forces is the basic principle of nature. Thus, the flap of a butterfly’s wings causes a reaction on the other side of the world. This principle calls for only using what is necessary for survival.
Otherwise, we are stirring up the forces for restoring the balance by destroying the excess.
From Twitter, 3/26/19

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