Real Life Begins Only In The Ten

laitman_962.1As a result of the descent of the worlds, our desire to enjoy is getting increasingly remote from the Creator, passing through restrictions, filters, splits, and various concealments along this path. Having reached this world, the desire to enjoy finds itself behind five worlds (Olamot)—concealments (Alamot), that is, in the worst condition.

This world, which is mentioned in Kabbalistic books, is the lowest of all possible spiritual states, and our corporeal world is even lower.

The desire to enjoy descends the steps of all the worlds and reaches a state in which it materializes, turns into matter; it loses all connection with the upper worlds. Therefore, it does not matter in which material, animal body a person who wants to attain the spiritual world exists. His arm or leg can be amputated or an organ from another person absolutely remote from spirituality can be transplanted in him, but this would have no effect on his spiritual attainment.

One might wonder how you can lose your right hand if, according to spiritual laws, it relates to bestowal and you always have to start from the right side. However, our body is a simple animal, absolutely unrelated to spiritual attainment. Of course, it has its own important function because it is given to us so that we can begin our spiritual development by expressing our own desire to attain the Creator.

Love cannot be forced. Otherwise, it would not be called love but “calculation.” Therefore, the Creator could not create us with a ready desire to love Him. That is why we were forced to descend to this world completely detached from the spiritual system and to begin the way back from this point.

Existing in an animal body now in our own world, isolated from all spiritual worlds and from the Creator, we must begin to develop our own desire to love the Creator as He loves us. If a person has a point in the heart that awakens him to this, then he can feel that someone is calling him and begin his journey back to the Creator.1

The ten is the basis of the universe’s structure, as a cell of the organism that is the source of life. We do not understand that by entering the ten we open the gates to the upper world. Then, we see that our present state is imaginary, existing only in order to provide us with the opportunity to enter spirituality on our own, by our own choice. We must want to develop and become equal to the Creator by ourselves. All previous corporeal life will lose its meaning.

Everything produced by our hands, feet, and mouth, actually does not exist. We live in an imaginary world. Our real life begins only in the ten and beyond, and this is what remains with us forever. So, let’s decide whether we want it or not.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/17/19, Baal HaSulam ,“Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 1
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2 Minute 2:24:19

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