Spiritual Energy Does Not Disappear

laitman_294.1Question: Is the energy released during the loss of strength or with the emptiness we experience during the descent used somewhere?

Answer: Definitely.

Question: Does the law of conservation of energy apply in this case?

Answer: Absolutely. Moreover, in our world, this law almost does not work. We do not know where everything disappears, we just make assumptions that this is how it happens in nature. Actually, all energy vanishes, goes into black holes, etc.

However, in the spiritual world, nothing disappears because there is a clear connection between Malchut and Keter. Everything happens within these ten emanations. It is an absolutely enclosed system.

Question: Does that mean that all my efforts to get out of descent, all my energy invested there, does not disappear?

Answer: Do not worry, everything finds its place, address, and justification.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 11/25/18

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