Spirituality Does Not Disappear

721.03Question: What should one do if the question about the meaning of life loses its sharpness after several years of study and studying becomes a habit, a hobby, a way of life? One feels that there is no advancement.

Answer: The fact that studying turns into a lifestyle is very good.

I began to study Kabbalah independently in 1976. In 1979 I found my teacher, and in 1982 I moved in with him. 40 – 45 years of studying Kabbalah is quite a lifetime.

I have no regrets. Looking at people of my age who are still alive, I see that I have not lost anything. On the contrary, I understand life no less than they do, if not more. I am glad I have students and I see the future in them.

I cannot imagine that Kabbalah could disappoint anyone. Even if a person came to it for some time and then returned to his former life, nevertheless, he gained something, he added great upper Light to his soul.

Although this Light is now in a frozen “stand by” state, nevertheless, spirituality does not disappear. It is an eternal state; only, now it is asleep. And then, at some point, it will awaken again in a person, and he will continue the spiritual path.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/11/18

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