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#American #Jews have never been so polarly divided between themselves, to the extent of such hatred toward each other that even families break up and relatives do not get together. This particular occurrence indicates that we are at the beginning of #Purim. #USA

Like a swing, “unity – hatred”: if there is no unity between the Jews, the #hatred rises, not only between them but between everyone. #Jews have only one ideology—unity. If they get involved in earthly ideologies that separate them, they cause #suffering.

Megilat Esther seems to talk about our days: Jews, by their desire to dissolve among the nations, awaken the forces of #Antisemitism to raise against them, and shake them into uniting, and to bring the world a method of connection and correction—light to the nations of the world.

#Purim is a choice on the path of the Jews and the world in life:
– to unite—the side of Mordechai,
– to divide—the side of #Haman.
Choice (Pur)—is in the hands of the Jews. Therefore, the world depends on them and will put more and more pressure on them until it forces them to lead the world to the #revelation of the Creator!

What is so special about the holiday of #Purim this year? In today’s world, as in a theater, the performance begins with the introduction of all the characters of Purim. The king and queen are not yet seen, but the main characters, the villain and the #righteous, appear.
Our common task is to awaken the #Jews toward correction!
#jewish #history #holiday

Uniting, the #Jews attract the Upper light—a special force that connects their good forces of the world, ridding the world of #evil forces. Since the good #future of the world is in the hands of the #Jews, the world feels strongly about them.
#Quote by Baal HaSulam, Preface to the Book of #Zohar, p.70
#scripture #Israel

The holiday of #Purim—a theatrical production of our world.
If we take an active part in it and act it out well, we will extinguish #Antisemitism, and all the nations of the world will rejoice in our work, achieve global connection, grace will flow upon them, and the world will be content.

Jews are divided, scattered everywhere, and most importantly, hate each other. And now you can destroy them one by one—just what Haman wants to do. And the king agrees with him: “Come on, start your work.” #Purim #Antisemitism
When the situation escalates, the #Jews will understand that this is a critical state…

As far as Jews become estranged, hate and fight each other, a wave of #Antisemitism rises. As the Jews begin to unite, anti-Semitism subsides. There is a direct relationship: if one quality rises, the other falls. (#Haman or #Mordechai) #Purim

The anti-Semites (#Haman) are controlled by the Creator to bring the Jews to unite. If American Jews did not split into two legions, #Antisemitism would not manifest. Through their divisiveness, #Jews awaken anti-Semitism, forces that coercively compel them to bitter unity.

If not for the evil inclination, we would not awaken toward connection, would not reveal our distance from the Creator, nor reach equivalence with Him. One cannot achieve adhesion without the help from the left force.
In each state, the Creator sends us a helper against Himself. We have to have the right attitude toward these forces of nature.

The whole time there is a combination of two approaches, Haman and Mordechai, until a clear middle line is developed, which combines giving and receiving desires together and leads to the purpose of correction. #Purim—the end of all corrections!

Mordechai and Haman are like life and death. Desire to enjoy was initially created as opposite to the Creator, so the more I receive the more I kill myself by eliminating my desire. Receiving neutralizes desire. We see this in our world, which is overcome by depression and despair.

Esther—concealment of the Creator from man. When a person realizes that everything around him is disguising the Creator and begins to relate to the world in this way, he will come to adhesion with the Creator through his surroundings. This is called “Return” (tshuva) when everything returns to the Creator, all obstacles connect with the Creator.

The holiday of #Purim in here—the kindest holiday, the best time of the year, when great mercy is revealed. Purim symbolizes the entire spiritual work of man.

Depictions of the world should not enslave us or play with us so that we follow after them. On the contrary, we always cling to the Creator, and the images of the world serve only to strengthen the connection between us and Him.

The world is a wrapper which hides the Creator so that I would reveal Him through it. If I can penetrate this wrapper by force, each time relating it to Him, realizing that He is playing with me and that He is doing all this, then the wrapper turns from concealment to revelation.

All our work is to remember that there is a Creator, a man, and an illusory world between them. It’s important not to erase it, but to relate it to the Creator. He creates the world before a man, and a person should forcefully connect himself with the Creator and the world—and thus turn the concealment into revelation.
From Twitter, 3/20/19

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