Proper Pride

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How must we relate to pride?

Answer: What is bad about this characteristic? I must be proud. It is said: (Chronicles II 17:6) “And his heart was uplifted in the ways of the Lord.” This is to say, I am proud that I belong to the higher level of humanity which is created by the Upper Light, the part that the Creator wants to elevate. This is the next level of elevation, the highest of all of humanity, and it must enter into contact with the Creator now.

I want this, I am proud that I am on this level together with my friends. Why not? There must be the proper kind of pride, not the pride where you despise others, but rather, where you become the conduit of the Upper Light for all of humanity and begin to be concerned about them like the higher with respect to the lower. You are concerned about it with love, and this is a higher pride of a completely different type, like a father regarding to his children.

Question: But on the other hand, pride leads the person to isolation, to seclusion.

Answer: It depends on what kind of pride you are talking about. I am talking about the good kind of pride. Now choose which one of them you are fin, ask that only a good pride should remain in you.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/21/13

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