Seeing The World In The Light Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanNothing can be changed in this world except our perception of the world. The world doesn’t change, but a person seeing himself inside it from a different angle, and the entire world appears completely different: positive, full of light, happiness, and absolute good.

Today our world looks defective, uncomfortable, uncertain and full of challenges and threats only because of our level of vision.

The only thing that really matters is our belonging to the group, including ourselves in it to the extent that there is nothing left of us, constantly submitting to its influence. It takes many years to convince ourselves that it is true; it takes a while before small portions of the Light begin influencing us. At the same time, it all depends solely on us.

We have to continue our efforts to connect at congresses and at the meetings of friends, seeing how we were before the meeting and how we’ve changed after it, as I was included in what the friends became. How can I do so, so that we can make a potential leap that will raise me to the next level and will allow us to see the world in the Light of the Creator, and then it will be absolute?

There is nothing we can change except our vision of the world, because the only thing that can be corrected is our vessels, Kelim, our bodies of sensation, and the world remains the same, the world of Infinity; we float only in it. Therefore, the only thing that we have to change is our perception of the world.

I would like you to feel the difference in the fulfillment that is a billion times stronger than the one we receive out of the best material states. In fact, it is the truth; it is not just another way to run away from numerous problems. All troubles and obstacles, everything that ever happens to us both internally and externally, will turn into the absolute Light. We will eventually achieve this state.

Again, I thank the entire world group for supporting this convention and particularly I would like to express my warmest gratitude to the central Israeli group that carries out a huge, dedicated work in the dissemination of our knowledge.

It’s not exactly the disclosure Kabbalah, but rather, a collective work that promotes human enlightenment in extremely complicated, critical conditions that are sent to us by the Creator. The Creator plays games with us by arranging extreme situations so that we go by “faith above reason” and advance with our eyes closed, above our calculations. This is what our Israeli group does. I am extremely grateful to the entire world group for their support. Thank you all.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day One 11/1/13, Lesson 2

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