A Sign That The Creator Has Disappered

laitman_276.05Throughout the day, you need to pursue only one thought: “There is none else besides the Creator, the Good who does good”; come back to it all the time and try to hold on to it so as not to lose a pleasant feeling. If we feel bad, if something goes wrong in our life, this is a sign that the Creator has disappeared from our sight.

If I have any kind of trouble: feel bad or have a bad mood, this is only because the Creator has no presence in my life. If I connect all my states with Him, I must feel great, I must feel comfort, the light of hope, a connection with the true, eternal reality. All this is due to the fact that I remember the Creator.

However, the Creator can play with us by sending us unpleasant feelings so that we can start looking for and justifying Him. He knows in advance that we will be able to justify Him, which is why He gives us such exercises.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/19, Surrender (Subjugation)
1 Minute 55:30

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