My Thoughts On Twitter 3/14/19

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The Creator leads us to independence, which arises as a result of our transition from the quality of reception to the quality of bestowal. In other words, we use our desire to enjoy but in the action of bestowal, for the Creator’s contentment, and not for self-gratification.

As it develops, the creature appreciates the light for its care and wardship, just as a child gradually begins to appreciate the parents’ love and care.
To raise the creature to a new degree of bestowal, the Creator takes away direct pleasures, and grants the ability …. to be fulfilled by bestowal and not reception.

The desire’s direct reaction to light – pleasure is natural and known beforehand. That is why there’s no creation in it, since creation (Beria – bar) signifies an external, new quality.
The creature is born with an unnatural reaction for the desire to not be filled with the light
…. but rather to become like it.
From Twitter, 3/14/19

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