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Humility (hachnaa) allows us to establish contact with the Creator and then start developing it in all directions in order to attain full revelation of the Creator and adhesion with Him.
Humility is the first condition of making contact with the field of upper light in which we exist, unknowingly to ourselves.

If fear arises, I must realize that it comes from the Creator in order to understand that fear has been given to affirm that “There is none else besides Him.”
And if the fear does not pass, I must achieve the same fear of “not reaching the revelation of the Creator.”
To feel the fear before the Creator, as I do now.
(Shamati 138)

Efforts to stay in the Creator’s rule over everything that happens, despite the feeling of evil in the ruling, lead to reward. But if one’s efforts don’t keep him in the Creator ruling everything with kindness, he receives punishment in the form of concealment of the Creator.

Honors limit and thus harm the development of the soul. Therefore, respect for the righteous is a punishment.
If the Creator does not want the righteous to descend spiritually, He does not allow him to receive honors.
Therefore, in the measure of honor, he is scolded and humiliated, so that honor and humiliation are balanced.
(Baal HaSulam, Shamati 181)

Reward/punishment of the Creator is manifested in His revelation/concealment. If a person feels evil, to this extent he remains in the concealment of the Creator who causes this evil. This is the punishment.
Meaning that the feeling of good/evil in the governance of the Creator creates the feeling of reward/punishment in us.

Concealment is evident when the Creator is hidden from me behind my ten (the group). If a person believes in it, and thanks the Creator for the opportunity to reveal Him, being concealed in a group, these efforts (search) give rise to the necessary thoughts and feelings—and lead to the revelation of the Creator.

The Creator is the root cause of everything. Therefore, every thought originates from Him, in the brain of any creature, that controls him and is perceived as his own. And all our work consists of revealing the Creator—the Source of our thoughts and attainments of Him through the thoughts that He sends—the control signals.

All sensations related to the Creator are corrections and nearing closeness with Him. (Rabash 3, “All The Corrections”)
Perception of evil causes lack of faith in the absolute control of the Creator. So He becomes concealed as the source of all actions.
This is the greatest punishment in the world. (Zohar, 138)

If a person wants to follow the path of unity/bestowal rather than reception/egoism, his main fault is in failing to ask the Creator for help to conquer the ego. And so he asks for forgiveness for failing to seek help. Then he proceeds to ask the Creator for help!
(Rabash 1. “Request for Help and Forgiveness”)
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