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All the exiles of the people of #Israel happened for the sole purpose of extracting the sparks that fell into the nations of the world. Because Israel is responsible for correcting the world by their reception of the Torah. (Sfat Emet, Yitro)

Israel’s resettlement among the nations was necessary in order to elevate the world, because of them. For they are equivalent to the whole world. (Zohar, Shemot, 288) #Israel

Dear Women!
March 8 is your holiday—a precious day!
I wish you all the very best that anyone can have in this life: children, grandchildren, love and warmth! As well as slight understanding of what this life prepares us for.
Let the whole world be a delight for you!
#women #InternationalWomensDay

Wishing to unite with the group, in it we discover a need for the Creator’s help.
To the extent we connect to friends, we feel the Creator’s revelation between us.
Changes in attitude in the group enable us to reveal the Creator more and more, and in different ways.
By dissolving in the group, I merge with the Creator.

It is written, the nation of Israel went into exile in order to attach the other nations to it and for everyone to aspire to the common correction of the common soul.
Evading this mission leads the nation to disasters: destruction of the Temples, exile, extermination.
Now we have yet another chance ….

Hence parties must be judged not by the promises they make, but how close they are to uniting the people. Everything else is irrelevant…

We have already learned our lessons from every sort of attempt by governments to improve our lives. We see that it doesn’t get better. It can get better only if the people unite.
From Twitter, 3/7/19

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