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The commandment that surely leads to intention for the Creator, Lishma, is to work for oneself to the extent that it is necessary, and beyond that for the sake of the society, to bring it closer to the Creator.
Actions and intentions for their sake bring us to the intention for the Creator. (Baal HaSulam, “One Commandment”)

Ecological #society: everyone gets what they need. Society cares about a decent standard of living for everyone. #Education helps us not to receive more. Egoism is corrected by the group attracting the Light that Reforms.
All the fulfillment beyond what is needed on the animal level is spiritual. Nature is pushing us toward it!

A single force propels nations to unite among themselves and with itself. If we don’t do it of our own accord, then the external forces will oblige us to unite, like a bag full of nuts, by applying hatred, pressure, and wars. All the forces in the world are aimed at uniting those who aspire toward the Creator and connect with Him through them.

All of the creatures’ qualities and behavior are attained by Kabbalists as coming from upper spiritual roots. Although it is impossible to describe their qualities and behavior in the upper roots, it is possible to describe their qualities and behavior in the language of branches of our world.

Liberalism developed in the EU due to a powerful middle class of consumers.
But the ego raised their children into weak, irresponsible, demanding paupers.
The destitute liberals will be consumed by conservative reproducing migrants.
Hence conservatism and nationalism will awaken in EU
#EU #Liberals #europe #migrants #nationalism

Although the Creator rules over everything, when He is concealed, it seems as if the evil forces overpower us and there is no chance to break free from the delusion, although in your mind you understand that everything comes from His goodness.
Nevertheless, efforts to affirm that “There’s none else besides Him” lead to revelation.
(Baal HaSulam, “Letter 1”)

Since the goal of creation is to bring all of nature to equivalence (adhesion) with the Creator, the goal of life is hence for Kabbalists to draw the light of correction Ohr Makif to the nation of Israel, and through them to all humanity, with the intention of fulfilling the Creator’s will (for the Creator’s sake).

On the earthly degree we are programmed in every way, since desire, the basis of matter, is controlled by hormones. #Oxytocin controls man’s #social and emotional behavior, the quality of spouses’ relationships, the motherly sense, trust in people, the #happiness #hormone ….
,…. and social attachment.
#connection #kabbalah #InternationalWomensDay
From Twitter, 3/4/19

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