One Big Flame

laitman_214.01According to the desire of the upper force, all people must unite into one spiritual body. That is how we were initially created and then broken so that we would restore our connection through our own searches, efforts, and mutual help. Because of this, we will understand our place in the common system, the exact connection of the pieces of this puzzle, the scattered Lego pieces, and all the advantages of this connection.

If there were no breakage and no necessity to restore the connection, we would be able to feel only primitive existence, the smallest Light on the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels. We would, however, be unable to reach the level of man, Adam, similar to the Creator, the upper force, eternal and perfect.

We must therefore go through a very complex process of development. At first, only the chosen few were able to comprehend the idea of unity and correction in the twenty generations that followed Adam, the first man who revealed the upper force nearly 6,000 years ago, to Abraham. Abraham already started forming groups, tens that overcame their egoism. Today, we continue to work on our connection with the same methodology.

In essence, Abraham started building the human society, a special nation in which everyone is connected. They wanted to reveal the Creator, the upper force within their unity, that would fulfill them and lead them toward complete mutual understanding with the Creator.

We also aspire to reveal the upper force in order to understand what is happening: what does the Creator want from us and what do we want from Him. The final correction of the shattering is that all the people of the world, all of humanity, will be united into a single group.

If even a few groups unite this way, all the others will join in through them. The Creator will complete this work; the main thing for us is to start this connection, like the catalyst for a chemical reaction. We live in an integral system, so if one group can achieve the integral connection, this force will affect everyone and everybody will unite and reveal the Creator, and reach the end of correction.

We participate in workshops, scrutinizing questions in the tens. The most important thing is not to be smart, but to aim toward connection. The work in the tens consists of absorbing the desires, questions, and feelings of each friend sitting across from me. It doesn’t matter how well we understand the answer to the question, the main thing is to expand our spiritual perception, our Kli, by absorbing all the thoughts from our friends.

I do not criticize them, I want to take in all their thoughts and desires, absorb them into myself. That is how I expand my Kli and become suitable for filling it with the upper Light. This is how we expand everybody’s Kli, build a more complex common desire, and eventually reach similarity with the upper Light, and become one whole. Having reached the minimal connection, we can reveal the weakest Light, Nefesh, but we already somewhat begin to feel the Creator, eternity and perfection, the upper Light.

Like a nearsighted man who upon removing his glasses sees blurry contours of people, so do we come to reveal the upper world, at least in its general outlines.1
From the World Kabbalah Convention “Day One” 2/19/19, Lesson 1, “One Big Flame”
1 Minute 5:30

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