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The Creator doesn’t conceal Himself. As He comes closer to reveal Himself, He elicits a sensation of His concealment in us so we would accelerate our efforts to reveal Him. But there is never concealment or separation from the Creator’s side.
It is Him coming closer to man that elicits the sensation of distancing, separation due to disparity of form.

When you are corrected, you will see a corrected world, the Creator’s revelation, the Shechina. It is an illusion to see suffering in the world. Man sees to the degree of his lack of correction—every person sees a different picture of the world. The world has no picture—it is revealed in man’s qualities! Man determines the world!

Let everything rage around and inside me, but for me all that matters is to adhere to the Creator in my mind and heart—to see that everything comes from Him. One condition: “Hear this, Michael, the Creator is our God, the Creator is one”—in any state everything comes only from Him. This is called adhesion.

When you correct yourself, you will see the corrected world, the revealed Creator, Divinity. It is an illusion to see the world as suffering. A person sees things according to his deficiency; everyone sees a different picture of the world. But the world has no picture—it is revealed in the person’s qualities! A person defines the world!

By postponing the revelation of the Creator’s actions in us at each moment, we forgo the revelation of the meaning of life. But in order to make constant effort not to abandon the pursuit of the Creator at every instant, you need the support of the group.

If I desire another outcome from what is happening, it means I am unhappy with the Creator’s governance. There is no doubt that only He controls me, but for now I do not agree with Him, I am not devoted to Him. If I do not feel joy in every state, it means I’m not in adhesion…
…with the Creator, still in “Lo Lishma,” wishing for change…

People separate everything that happens from the Source, not wishing to search for how one upper force operates in everything. By paying attention to everything happening around you and inside you, you will reveal that everything is dictated by the Creator.
You just have to ascertain your attitude to His actions—and reach agreement with Him.

Any states, if you relate them to the Creator, are corrections, helping you come closer to adhesion with Him (Rabash, Hakol Tikkunim).
Hence the most important thing is to create an environment that constantly aims man at the Creator.

Have faith that only the Creator compels you to do everything. However, as long as you are unfit to feel that the Creator compels you to everything, He operates through people. Yet you must believe that the Creator operates behind everyone and behind you.
Try to accept all reality in this way. (Rabash, “Torah Is the Middle Line”)

It is a law of nature that one cannot feel evil from the Creator, since that belittles His greatness. Hence to the extent man feels evil, he separates from the Creator. This is the greatest punishment.
Since the sensation of good and evil in the Creator’s governance leads a person to the goal. (Zohar, “Night of the Bride, 138”)

The main problem is that when a person sees a wrong action or thought, he falls, believing himself to be the source of these actions and thoughts. And he forgets that only the Creator is the cause of everything.
And although he is generally aware of this, he forgets to attribute the action to the Creator—and justify. (Baal HaSulam, “Letter 1″)

“It is impossible to accept the Creator’s full authority over the world, because then all the evil of the world should be attributed to Him as well! Only kabbalists reveal His full control over all good and evil. And they accept the Creator as the only acting force in all creation….in every act, evil and good.” (Baal HaSulam. “Letter 1”)

Everything is created with one thought, right down to the final state. And this thought acts in everything: it is the action itself, it is its result, it is the essence of all efforts, it is all reality and it is all the reward for them. (TES, part 1, Inner Reflection, p.1,8)

All types of Torah, open and concealed, are of the same source that teaches how to reveal the Creator. The difference is only in the light that reveals the Creator, which depends on the person’s intention. To hold the intention and stick to the goal to reveal the Creator ….
…. is easier by studying Kabbalah since this is what it clearly describes.

When a person starts studying Kabbalah, soon after, he starts experiencing mood swings, becomes demanding and impatient, which is the result of his egoism coming to the surface; it needs to be corrected so it may reveal the perception of the Creator.
So the phase of the desire’s correction begins.

The Upper Light from the Creator passes all 5 worlds—and in the Talmud, its actions are described in the language of our world. But we do not understand and do not feel in these descriptions how the Creator’s light affects the 4 types of desire 1-2-3-4, described by Talmud ….
…. in the inanimate-vegetative-animate-human nature.

The Talmud sages were great Kabbalists, able to describe the correction of the collective Soul with the words of our world. But it is very difficult for us to imagine spiritual corrections in the language of the Talmud, the lowest world.
Therefore, we use the language of Kabbalah, the highest world, for successful correction.
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