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#Israel are the first to receive the influence from above, and from them it spreads to the whole world. Hence they are called Isra-El (Li-Rosh – A Head for Me) since they are the first to receive the upper influence, which is then passed on to the whole world.
(Beer Maim Chaim, Truma)

The #Torah is intended for man’s correction—to bring him to adhesion with the Creator by equivalence of form.
This happens by the light OM [Ohr Makif], which returns one to the Source.
The light influences those studying Torah – Kabbalah to the extent of their efforts to unite in the ten.

Torah must be studied with the aim of correcting egoism. If there is no correction of egoism after studying the revealed Torah, one must move on to studying Kabbalah, which awakens the intention to be corrected since it talks about intentions and not about our world …
…. in the language of branches.

Besides feeling love, one must feel worry—not for himself, but because he fears losing the love under the pressure of disturbances. Perfection is felt only if there is love coupled with worry about preserving it, while thinking only of the Creator.

One who wishes to attain spirituality falls down on the path, so much that he wishes to leave the path. But he must believe that it is not he who departs from spirituality, but spirituality departs from him because he wishes to depart from spirituality.
But if he strengthens in moving forward, he is rewarded with strength.

Heaviness is felt when you cannot annul to the Creator, as if you don’t exist, but you think only about Him, or feel how He fills you. Success in this depends only on the Creator’s greatness in you, and the greatness depends on gratitude to the Creator…

A branch from the upper root is called #Israel, defined as carrying out the correction of the world, having the quality of eliciting the #correction of the nations. The nations of the world cannot develop spiritually on their own, but are willing to receive it from Israel.
(Baal HaSulam, “The Maid Inherits the Mistress”)

One must first attain the upper roots in their true form. Only then, after attaining and grasping them in reason, can one research their consequences in our world, since every consequence comes from its upper root in all the details.
(Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”)
From Twitter, 3/1/19

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