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#Antisemitism can be eradicated only by the Jews, when they unite among them “into one heart.” As a result, all the nations will operate for the sake of unity, and the whole world will reach oneness.
Hence today everyone in the world must obligate all the #Jews to build systems of unification.

Book of Zohar: In our time, Europe will de facto be overtaken by Islamic rule. All of this will degenerate into a huge Antisemitic and Anti-Israel wave.
History will keep repeating till we change history
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#Antisemitism is always a mandatory part of society’s development. Just as anti-Semitism surged with the backdrop of defeat in WWI, so it is now surging in native Europeans against the backdrop of failures in economy, politics, and social life.
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When I see anti-Semitic caricatures and slogans, I see the desperate demands to free themselves from internal dependence on Jews. We all need to understand that liberation from hatred and dependence lies in raising all humanity above egoism to the Creator, by the method of Kabbalah.

It is said by the prophet (Isaiah) that the nations of the world should lead (compel, push) the people of Israel to the mountain of the Creator (revelation of the Creator). Their mission is to demand that the people of Israel show the way to the nations of the world how to reveal the Creator, to lead the peoples of the world toward unity with Him. This is the source of anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism grows. History doesn’t teach anyone. It informs us and will repeat itself until we learn! Let’s accept hatred for us as a law of nature. We must study its cause, goal and proper use. #Antisemitism is demanding for us to change rather than to demand change from others.

The goal is, in our #consciousness, to enter the upper world’s existence, a shared, balanced eternal state. Kabbalah reveals the method of entering it. Our time is the time of the method’s revelation. We can aspire to it in a good way or be nudged by evil—the choice is ours!

Throughout 3,500 years, the Jews have forgotten about their mission to unite and unify all humanity. But the obligation hasn’t been lifted from them, and the nations of the world also subconsciously feel this and periodically demand it, without knowing what exactly to demand.
To the extent both (Jews and the nations) become aware of the goal, they will resolve it together.
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Hatred for Jews comes from their origin and mission. They gathered from the nations of Babylon, following Abraham’s call to unite and in the unity, to reveal nature’s Upper Force, and then to reveal it to all the nations. They are hated because this hasn’t happened yet.

The media is definitely not naive or uninformed. But their articles on #Antisemitism are merely informative. They lack analytics. No one understands the nature of this phenomenon, although it’s very well-known. It’s time to admit that this is a natural phenomenon and look for its solution in nature as well!

#Antisemitism can be eradicated only by the #Jews, when they unite among them, as in one heart. Then all the nations will also proceed to unite, and the whole world will reach unity. Hence today everyone in the world must obligate all the Jews to build systems of unity.
From Twitter, 3/5/19

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