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In general, humility is evident when a person tries to see only the actions of the Creator in everything, especially in the actions of those who accuse him. And even though he is aware that “There’s none else besides Him,” he can’t relate everything to Him in the moment.
(Baal HaSulam, Letter 1)

The Creator made egoism such that a man is unable to overcome it, but having no strength left he still has to try and ask the Creator for help, and in his inability to conquer his ego with the force of the Creator, and appreciate His help and might, like a child next to his father!

In the near future we’ll get to see just how dis-unified the Jewish people can be, in the point above/below egoism. If not for the anti-Semites, the #Jews would destroy themselves: in the name of God, unity, or ego. That already occurred during the 1st and 2nd Temples.
“Those for the Creator—join us!”

If the power, opposite to #egoism, is manifested in the world, it leads to revelation of the Creator, to unity, to Communism and is called Isra-El, Straight-Creator, through the correction of the Soul broken with egoism.
This is the difference of the people of #Israel from all the nations of the world, for everyone has a desire toward the Creator.

The scandal in the US #Democratic party, where many #Jews act as anti-Semites, causes confusion about what is happening with the Jews, their behavior seems absurd. But that is not so. The reason for this is that there are two forces in each one of us: the ego and its reverse side. Usually, it is the ego that gets manifested (nations of the world).
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There is not a person in the world who doesn’t possess these two forces. For they come from the breakage of a single Soul, when the forces of reception and bestowal interconnected. Therefore, they always exist side by side.

In ancient Babylon people became aware of “the point in the heart,” the desire to unite above the egoism of the heart to reveal the Creator. But if the ego of the heart rules over that point, the enemy of unity appears in the person—an anti-Semite. These two forces in everyone complement and nourish each other.

The greater the person, the bigger is his ego. So don’t blame yourself for your bad qualities—they come from the Creator, and are corrected by Him as well. Don’t regret your “sins,” they stem from the Creator, as it’s said: “I created the ego”…worry about the insufficient prayer about correcting yourself.

Kabbalah La’am newspaper #39 came out, which is published in #Hebrew. You will find interesting articles there: how to solve the issue of #AntiSemitism taking over the world; how we can learn to love, not hate, articles about March 8th and #Purim.

#Democracy does not create the basis for economic #prosperity in the world any more than authoritarian regimes. The reason is that the development of egoism in democracy has no limits and has become hyper-exaggerated, when egoism devours itself and no longer serves as the engine of progress.

Connection is a feeling of mutual dependence, a feeling that I depend entirely on others: on their success, achievements, health, on everything. Like in the family. This is how our desire works in its simplest, primitive form.
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