The Critical Point In Connection

laitman_962.2We see that people are ready to create all sorts of unions, clubs, and communities to talk about connection and love of neighbors and to build connections with each other. Yet, all this is only up to a certain limit: until the evil of egoism is revealed between them. As soon as a person’s egoistic nature is revealed, this is where everything ends and the union breaks up.

From this point of the disclosure of evil, the person’s spiritual work should begin. It is a critical moment even for a Kabbalistic group where we can stumble if we fail to overcome the revealed evil and build a ten.

A ten should be built from “bricks,” from each one of us who annuls himself and joins the ten in order to build a common construction. The question is whether we can overcome this critical point or remain in it like in an ordinary club or union. It is very revealing to see how various alliances and methodologies collapse at the same point, unable to overcome this barrier and continue advancing further toward even stronger inner connection in order to construct a construction of unity out of themselves.

This point, which must exit the desire to receive for oneself and begin taking care of others, is called Israel (Yashar-El) because here a person wants to resemble the Creator, to be His representative in this world, a connecting channel.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/19, Surrender (Subjugation)
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