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Everything that happens in the world comes from one source, and it’s only in order for us to hear and understand His conversation with us!
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The difficulty of becoming an embryo lies in having to acquire the quality of bestowal—in one’s natural quality of reception. Only the Creator can do this since it is contrary to man’s egoistic nature.

One becomes an embryo when one stops thinking of oneself completely, and thinks only about how to follow the Creator. This is called going by faith above reason, in the quality of bestowal, as Kabbalists have instructed.

The Creator created a desire for self-gratification (#egoism). It conceals (doesn’t feel) the Creator due to disparity of form with Him. We must annul the egoism (Tzimtzum Aleph) and then turn it into bestowal, similarity to the Creator, and attain adhesion (the goal of creation).

Uncorrected desires with the sparks of Ohr Hozer rise to conception to the extent of the light’s influence. Desires are dead (egoistic), but the spark from the reflected light Ohr Hozer, that was previously in them, helps it restore and receive light in bestowal, MAN.

Spiritual work begins with the state of Embryo, when one annuls himself, his self-love, and acquires the quality of bestowal.
One must believe that before the soul was revealed in our world, it was adhered to the Creator, and thus he now strives to attain the same state, i.e., annul himself completely.

Friends, we are indifferent to slanderers, but the Creator sends them and we must use them to spread the knowledge about Him. In our world only falsehood can spread. Therefore, they help us by spreading lies, while we write the truth about it and people gradually absorb it…

Ibur means that the Upper one corrects me if I annul myself like an embryo inside a mother, without a name or opinion, who eats directly from the Upper one, doesn’t yet have his own name, who receives everything straight into himself, not through the mouth, he cannot even speak—so much faith he has in the Upper one in everything.
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