Exercises For The Revelation Of The Creator

laitman_281_01Question: What intention should a person have who lives in this world and studies Kabbalah when he sees material objects?

Answer: A person must live according to the simple principle: “There is none else besides Him,” a single force, i.e., the Creator.

I look at all external objects and occurrences and even at everything that is inside me that has no an external image, and imagine that all this comes from the Creator, that this is exactly what He wants to arouse in me, and this is exactly what He wants me to feel! And now everything depends on the way I treat this. Therefore, all material objects and this entire world are very important to me.

Question: Can I break through everything that confuses me by doing such purely psychological exercises?

Answer: Yes. When I attribute it all to one single force, I break through to the Creator. Through all my efforts to identify Him behind the various influences on me, behind the multitude of objects, forces, opinions, desires, and thoughts, I begin to see and feel Him. I desire something, so why does He want me to desire it? I think about something, why does He wants me to think this way? I am nobody. I am like a mechanism, just a metal box in which there are some thoughts and feelings, i.e., a heart and a mind, and only I can inspect myself: “Why did this appear in me? What does the single, uniform, and absolute force that controls me want from me? Why does this force want me to feel my state this way every moment?”

On this basis, I enter in complete contact with the Creator according to my small level. And if I continue to move forward this way through “there is none else besides Him,” then I will define more and more what the Creator wants from me, what He’s up to, and what reaction He expects from me.

And so I will begin to approach Him gradually, as it is said in Kabbalah, “There is nothing in nature that a person can’t achieve through a constant effort.” Therefore, I can reach a state where I will start to feel, see, and understand the Creator and communicate with Him as with a close friend. And all this is only thanks to the tip that there is no one else besides Him behind everything that surrounds me.

The various concealments of the Creator are exercises through which He gives me an opportunity to recognize Him behind all the disturbances. My task is to never part with this thought and not to forget that everything comes from Him under any circumstances.

This isn’t simple. And here I can get help only from the society of people who think the same way I do, and our joint effort is out in the open so we influence each other.

If we create such a group from millions of people who are tuned this way and are willing to reveal the Creator, we will “wash” the entire world by this and everything will become plain and clear.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/9/16

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