Man And Woman — A Magnet Between Them, Part 1

laitman_602_02Question: Where does the force of magnetic attraction between a man and a woman that awakens at a very young age come from?

Answer: Our universe began to develop approximately 14 billion years ago as a result of the Big Bang that created a completely new place, a new creation, which didn’t exist before.

Matter began to form that initially consisted of two opposite particles: a positive and a negative, a plus, and a minus.

Plus refers to the masculine and minus to the feminine. One cannot exist without the other. Probably in the very first particle, which served as a prototype of all matter, plus and minus existed together.

After that, minus and plus began to spread more and more and to create between themselves increasingly complex compounds, electrons and protons. From their meeting and collaboration were born all of the basic elements of the periodic table, which number almost 120 today.

From these elements larger objects were formed, i.e., gas accumulations, solid objects, and the planet Earth, where this collaboration of minus and plus developed further. Atoms combined into molecules and into crystals. Molecules became organic, alive, meaning they contained within themselves their development program.

The art of connecting plus and minus evolved from the inanimate to the vegetative stage, then to the animate, and finally to the human. The connection between plus and minus, masculine and feminine particles in nature became incredibly complicated.

On the inanimate degree, substances are classified according to the number of positive and negative particles, and valences. And even more so after the inanimate substance develops in a plant that grows from inanimate soil that it is able to give birth to itself and develop; all development takes place by connecting pluses and minuses according to a certain program.

Each creature has an internal program, like in a computer that creates within it increasingly complicated connections.

For this reason, a plant grows and continues to live; otherwise it would have been dead. The relationship between two “genders,” plus and a minus, is very complex in plants. And these relationships exist not only within each plant, but also between them.

The connection between flowers is performed with the help of birds and insects that connect pluses and minuses. It isn’t just the atoms and molecules anymore, but a special connection of chemical and biological substances that are also divided into “male” and “female.”

The evolution of the plant world continues until it reaches the animate degree, where there is a huge difference between male and female. Special types of relations occur between them according to the seasons. It is an entire culture of relationships even though it is controlled by instincts.

A human, as the highest stage of animate development, creates a special culture, education, environment, and human society. Therefore he stands out from the animal world and is superior to it. In humanity there are very complex relationships between plus and minus, i.e., men and women who live their lives together.

Throughout history a man and a woman created a joint family for quite a long time because they needed each other in order to raise their children, which requires many years. After all, the more developed the creature is, the more time is required for its development.

A big difference is obvious between the interaction of positive and negative elementary particles that arose during the creation of our universe and between things that happen to people. It even seems to us that a person has a freedom of choice and adds something to his program of development by determining his behavior himself, especially in regard to relationships between the sexes.

But in fact, we add nothing to the program of nature. Exactly like an animal, a plant, and a stone, a human obeys natural instincts and behaves according to the program installed in him or her, which manifests and leads to the ultimate goal.
From KabTV’s “New Life #709” 4/5/16

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