Kabbalah Is The Operating Program Of Creation

Israel Is All the People Who Aspire Toward the Creator The science of Kabbalah is not just a description of all reality, but rather it is the operating program of the whole of creation, instructions for the creatures as to how to use this whole reality. The program is written in such a way that it is an entire reality all by itself. When we read Kabbalistic texts or when we talk about them, when we think about or feel them,  we involuntarily absorb the Light within ourselves, in our not yet formed desire. The Light molds this desire, leading us to a new reality.

We need to understand that the science of Kabbalah includes everything within itself, the material (the desire, the creation) and the Light (the Creator). In fact, the Creator in Hebrew is written as “Bo-Re”, which means “come and see” what is revealed in the vessels of perception of the creature.

It is a program of creation that includes the whole of creation from beginning to end and includes everything that we are able to perceive, along with the primal force that created us and governs everything. There is nothing that is not covered by this science. By default, we think that science is a description of some field of creation and its properties.

But Kabbalah is not a description. Its letters themselves are the vessels of perception. The actions that the science of Kabbalah talks about are actual actions, and if we were able to read these lines as they were written, we would have performed these actions while reading. In reality, we are reading inside our desire and our desire would have done this action immediately and simultaneously with the reading of the text.

The science of Kabbalah is the actual realization of all the material of reality and not a description of the structure of creation and how it operates. The science of Kabbalah by itself sets in motion all reality. Kabbalists write their books for those who already possess an anti-egoistic screen on their desire to receive pleasure and can immediately complete all actions.

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