5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: The Language Of Roots And Branches

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  1. I have learned this to be true, by viewing the conditions of the mindset of my family and my people who are really stuck in the illusions of this world. It is my proudest accompishment that I am waking up from the illusion that has been keeping me from the creator. I came out of Christianity and became a Rastafarian, which speaks of this but using other words to describe it and the effect it would have on my mind and my actions. I choose to speak in root language now to all who I meet. My greeting is always peace and love, my goal is bestowal on all. I choose to create love out of dysfunction and fear. However, my own life is beset with personal financial challenges that are mind boggling. I know what I am conciously thinking in terms of root, but lo, my branches are showing the opposite. I am a faithful and know that the root will manifest correctly as the right branches in my life, for me to continue to act with bestowal and not be challenged by branches’s illusions.

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