If We Want To Be Healthy

laitman_561The coronavirus scatters us in different directions and says: “If you want to be healthy, you cannot be in contact with each other. Do not come closer than two meters, keep your distance.”

However, many jobs will not be able to continue in this manner, and human society will not be able to function normally: the country, the family, and the world. What is to be done?

You can come closer to each other but only if you wish good for your neighbor. If I get closer to another person not to use him, but for his benefit, then I will begin to see that the virus in this form is not contagious, it does not separate us, but it allows us to connect. It is only because we approach each other driven by self-interest and by wanting to use others that the virus begins to infect us and cause disease between us.

The contradiction is in the fact that from nature’s point of view, we are all connected to each other, but our own inner nature rejects this mutual dependence, it recognizes only a self-serving connection. If we want to unite for the common benefit so that everyone is happy, the virus will not interfere with us. On the contrary, it will become useful and will only strengthen our connection.

However, do not expect that the coronavirus will allow us to get closer to each other and find a vaccine against it if we do not change ourselves. After all, if we just go back to the old way, why did it appear?

The virus will leave us only if we change our attitude toward nature. It shows that egoists like us should not get close to each other, and it sends us home in quarantine. It gives us an opportunity to get acquainted with a new reality.

The coronavirus says: “Do you think we should open more and more new businesses? Wrong! Stop ravaging the world, stop poisoning the air and water. You must build a new life in a new way.”

In nature, there is a formula of balance between all its parts. We can see it in all the laws of nature: physical, chemical, biological, and zoological. All the laws are based on the balance of positive and negative forces, plus and minus, good and evil, bestowal and reception.

Therefore, we will not be able to do anything against the coronavirus. We have crossed the red line by throwing nature out of balance, we polluted the oceans and the atmosphere. Everything that people have touched with their dirty hands is soiled. We need to correct our attitude toward nature and toward each other.

I do not think that there is a quick solution. Most likely, the coronavirus will stay with us for many months. There are several ways to resist the virus: introduce a general quarantine, as has been done in most countries, or continue with life as usual and hope the epidemic will eventually end by itself, as they decided to do in Sweden.

Yet, the only effective method is to change the nature of man, our attitude to general nature, to the inanimate, vegetative, and animate world, and especially to the relations between people.

Humanity must exist as an integral part of the entire reality, that is, to act for the benefit of it instead of destroying our poor Earth. We will all have to learn how to treat nature as a living organism and maintain balance by clear formulas.

The goal of the coronavirus is to change human nature. After all, human beings are the only element of nature that harms it. We alone are not in balance with nature.

Human beings have freewill and are not controlled by natural instincts like inanimate matter, plants, and animals. This is why we must take  control of ourselves on our own, and this has not been done in any country. Therefore, the virus will not go anywhere yet.

What should we do to make the virus disappear? It is very simple. Nature is an integral system where all parts are connected and support each other. Humanity also needs to become a part of this system that supports, binds, balances, and promotes even greater integration of all elements of nature. This is our responsibility as human beings.

We have great power and must treat nature with care, like a mother, like a perfect integral system. If we do this consciously and with understanding, we will live happily. If not, new viruses will come, one after another, until they wipe us off the face of the earth.
From KabTV”s “Global Perspective,” 4/10/20

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