What Will The World Be Like After The Epidemic?

laitman_627.1After the coronavirus epidemic, the world will become different and new. The virus came in order to clean out all the garbage from us. There is nothing harmful in nature. The virus makes room for goodness to appear.

All the garbage that fills the human society we have built will be washed away and will open the opportunity to fill our relationships with kindness and love, building a beautiful bright world for our children and grandchildren.

Let us hope that we can do this, that we will not drag all the hatred and competition into the new world, i.e., the behavior by which we destroy the globe and doom ourselves to death from climate disasters and wars. We are capable of building a new world right now.

Governments are now investing billions of dollars hoping to return to the past. But God forbid we return to our former state. I do not think this would be good for any country. After all, even before the virus, we were already in crisis facing the threat of war, financial and industrial collapse. The confrontation between America, Russia, China, and Europe grew.

We should not return to the old world; there was nothing good in it for citizens, countries, the army, finance, industry, or trade. We devastated the globe pumping out all the resources from it. We must not allow even thinking about returning to the world of yesterday; only a madman can think of that.

No one enjoyed such a life; we deceived ourselves as if we were doing well. But what was good about it? What have we seen in life? Now is the time to cleanse human society from all the garbage it was clogged with. As we filled the oceans with plastic and radioactive waste, so did we litter human society.

We need to build a new world, a good one. Let this virus help us think and realize where we ended up. Compared to the problems that threatened us before, today’s epidemic is simply nothing. It is a great mercy of the Creator that He corrects us in such a gentle manner.

Never return to the old world—only strive forward, toward a new world in which there will be no work for ten hours a day, many hours of idle time in traffic jams, abandoned children, and life in perpetual debt. Let us all together take one step forward and not return to the old world. Let us consider how we can move only forward, and above all, think about new relationships.

We are now home in quarantine and we must come out as new people in order to start connecting with each other in a new way. What is the new way? While we are forced to stay at home, we will get a good piece of a new upbringing for living in a new world, in a new society. Everyone understands that this is necessary, so let’s do it. Otherwise, what kind of world will we leave our children and grandchildren?
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/20, Selected Highlights

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