My Thoughts On Twitter 3/29/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

When we unite in mutual guarantee, the friend is more important to me than myself. I am ready to do everything that others need. We must likewise operate in disseminating Kabbalah to humanity. That is how we will rise to mount Sinai, egoism, receiving the upper light.

Escaping Egypt means exiting one’s Ego into the group, the ten, when I feel the friends instead of myself. We want to be together, but we are unable to unite, there’s a wall between us that’s preventing me from feeling the friend. We flee from this Egypt, cross the Red Sea, destroying barriers.

A new authority is here, the “coronavirus.” And it’s clearing a path of development for us like a tsunami wave washing away all redundancies. We must walk this path of exiting the ego (Egypt) into altruism, out of the material and into the spiritual. #Covid-19

All that the #coronavirus took from us is garbage. From the material standpoint, we will survive. Most importantly, we now have the chance to discover what to live for! Our lives in this world are nominal, but internally, the virus is actually helping us to escape the ego’s slavery, and to become closer to the Creator and the revelation of the spiritual world.

Everyone in the world has but one problem: the entire life order is ruined, the whole world collapsed, replaced by emptiness. The science of Kabbalah explains: the world can shrink itself to a necessary level of existence. What matters most for us is achieving the eternal spiritual life.
From Twitter, 3/29/20

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