My Thoughts On Twitter 3/28/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Now during the #coronavirus epidemic, the Creator wants to separate us with distance. “Don’t come near each other! More than two people cannot gather!” Until we realize how disunited we are. The need for heartfelt unity via good feelings must accumulate in us. That is how we will be cured.

You can grab on to the Creator only if you wish to support the friends. All worries and problems immediately disappear, on the condition that we support each other. By holding on to each other, we reveal the Creator in our unity.

We can hold on to the raft in the raging ocean of egoism only on the condition that every person will save others, instead of himself! We will then feel that the lifeline that connects us together—this is our Creator!

We are so fortunate: with the #coronavirus, the Creator pulls us to Him with an effective, gentle, and most educational method! As those who aspire to Him, Isra-El, and all humanity. Never before has there been such an open and targeted action by the Creator. We must only explain to everyone that this is a medicine!

After escaping the ego (Egypt), we build Arvut, a mutual guarantee around Mount Sinai (mountain of hatred). We feel our collective enormous ego as a mountain. The Creator is at the top of the mountain, and we’re at the base. And if we don’t unite, we’ll be “buried alive” in the ego.

To escape Egypt means to enter the ten (group), when I feel the friends and don’t feel myself. First, I discover how disconnected I am from the friends. This is Egypt—the wall between us that prevents me from feeling a friend. But we run away from this state, cross the Red Sea, and unite!

After my will to receive gets severed by the virus, and I cannot use it anymore, I can ask to be given the strength to bestow. The light as if pulls me out of the ego (Egypt). And now I can ask to receive the desire to bestow. With it, I will enter the Land of Israel—the intention for the Creator’s sake.

The #coronavirus didn’t take anything from us except useless garbage. This is how we complete the stages of escaping from the ego of this world. The virus helps us to rise above, come out of egoistic slavery, become closer to the Creator and reaching the goal—the revelation of the spiritual world. Which makes the virus medicine!
From Twitter, 3/28/20

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