My Thoughts On Twitter 3/19/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

I’m receiving a lot of questions about what #coronavirus will do to us?
The answer is simple: no one knows!
#Kabbalah says that it will lead to a greater connection between us, despite our egoism. Whoever wants to ease their correction should study our materials!

Heaviness of the heart is given to allow for free choice. The global crisis, as a consequence of the coronavirus epidemic, shows how Nature takes care of each person according him free choice to balance out good and evil by leaning toward the good!

#Coronavirus reveals the truth of our relations. If we realize that we can live differently, in harmony with nature, in good relations with each other, rising above the ego, we can quickly come out of the epidemic. The virus shows that we’ve taken the world-nature out of balance.

The Creator is organizing increasingly effective situations to correct egoism. The #virus shows us how, instead of transmitting everything good and helpful, we transmit the disease and doom one another to death. Let’s unite with good connections, transmitting love to each other.

Let’s figure out why we transmit a deadly virus to one another precisely through our egoistic interactions, and how we can turn the evil infection into a good infection and advance toward a new world. I hope that we will understand this and be able to tell everyone about it.
From Twitter, 3/19/20

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