My Thoughts On Twitter 3/17/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Before, everyone only thought about themselves.
Today each person should think about everyone, because we are one whole, a single organism. Each of us is a wheel on which the life of others depend.
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#France began to send troops into cities to ensure complete control of the quarantine. There were many protesters wearing the same yellow vests, so they amended to movement to the doctor or for groceries, and introduced an #army to protect order, since the police could not cope.

Due to the viral threat, the #EU is closing borders, canceling group events, closing schools and universities, and restricting people’s movement. Each for himself, everyone decided to isolate themselves from each other, reduce contact to a minimum. The main protective measure remains isolation. A Screen (Masach)!

Let’s ask ourselves: Why are all the governments in the world introducing such disproportionate limitations on socialization between people, closing factories, undermining the economies of their countries, and they are doing it with such ease… ?

The virus, like all problems of mankind, comes together with Antisemitism—because they are all a remedy for eradicating the general egoism, which is corrected only by the upper light that only the nation of Israel can draw into this world from the Creator, the only force in the world.
From Twitter, 3/17/20

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