My Thoughts On Twitter 3/21/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Governments will have to pay every citizen a certain small sum for living expenses in any case. According to Kabbalah, this must be linked to a mandatory educational course for all – education about the new society and its rules-laws. #UBI

On Friday, the Bnei Baruch global friends gathering took place. 570 friends connected via Zoom and thousands of people from all over the world took part in the meeting via YouTube #unity #kabbalah

Yeshayahu (#Isaiah) the Prophet 26: Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you … until his wrath has passed by.
Kabbalist Ralbad, 1400 years ago: On the eve of the holiday of Peisah (#Passover), there will be no king in #Israel (a crisis in #government)

The #virus will come out of the earth and slay those who hate Israel, the kings of Persia will fall.

How perfectly is #Passover (the story of exodus from Egypt – egoism) coinciding with our state. Nature teaches us how to rise above it to the quality of the Upper world – bestowal and connection between us. The virus is showing us our egoism, which must be concealed …
… restricted in T”A – and turned into bestowal, connection.

The whole world is awaiting the creation of a remedy against the #Coronavirus. The fool-proof remedy is our global unity above all egoistic “viruses”. Let’s try it, or at least just think about it…
From Twitter, 3/21/20

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