Universal Vaccination Against All Viruses

laitman_571.08Now the whole world is trying to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. But there is a spiritual vaccine against this epidemic, and there is no doubt that it will be the only genuine protection against the disease.

I fear that after this coronavirus, many more of its mutations will appear and we will be unable to get out of this vicious circle. Blows will follow with great frequency, one after another: if not this virus, then something else. We are already in such a period and cannot escape from it.

Yet, the solution is simple: to implement the method of connection that the science of Kabbalah offers to us, which explains how to properly and kindly connect with each other. As we replace our destructive, egoistic relationships with friendly ones, the coronavirus will disappear.

We see that this virus works very selectively: it separates us, destroys all industrial and business relations, banking systems, and companies.

It seems to explain to us in its own language that the whole world we have built is wrong, egoistic, and based on exploiting each other. It contradicts the integral form of nature and mutuality, which nature requires also from the human stage.

At all other levels of nature, the inanimate, vegetative, and animate, there is complete symbiosis. And there is a constant war only at the human level. Nature requires that by using our human mind and feelings, our understanding, we build the right connection. And the virus helps us with this.
From KabTV’s:” Conversation with David Blumenfeld,” 3/25/20

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