When Will Coronavirus Disappear?

laitman_592.04What is the reason for the spreading of the coronavirus? We must understand that this is a reaction of nature. Nature obligates us to realize that we are in an integral system.

If we disobey the laws of this integral system, its basic law of mutual responsibility, which connects together all parts of the system, then the system responds with blows.

So far this is just the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic and we must take it and other viruses that are yet to be revealed as a signal of our incorrect connection with each other.

We must learn that we exist in the integral system of nature where all parts are connected with each other and there is only one disruptive force in the entire system—the human being.

We must correct ourselves because nature will nevertheless force us to improve our relations with each other until they become so good that the virus will disappear.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1212 —Mutual Responsibility,” 3/10/20

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