The Crowned Virus

laitman_961.2What must governments do to help us get through this difficult period? All governments should understand that they have a special role and turn their thoughts a little. They should know that the future of the world lies in global integration among all people, and the government must strive for this.

It is necessary to organize such forms of training for children and adults, to establish an educational system so that everyone understands that a human being is the most destructive force in nature. And we must become the force connecting all parts of nature.

After all, we are smart and well developed, but we turn our entire development into evil, we direct it to destruction. Therefore, governments are obligated to change; people will have to explain this to them.

It is no accident that the new virus received the name “coronavirus”; it really does royal work, it dominates the whole world and organizes our lives as a king would. I hope that we will still see many consequences of its reign, meaning changes in our lives.

Coronavirus quarantined each and every one of us. But I think this will benefit us. We need to overcome this isolation by uniting together, and above all, virtually, from afar. And to the extent that we learn how to tolerate each other, to connect and get together internally, mentally, we will be able to leave each of our homes and connect with others.

This condition, which obliges us to stay at a distance, will work to our advantage, helping our rapprochement in a selective manner. As far as I am able to relate well to my neighbor, I will be able to get closer to him—not in order to make money off him, but in order to establish good relations.

Everyone needs to be taught this in order to build a new humanity together. And then really a good, eternal, and perfect world worth living in will open up before us.

They ask me how I see the world in a year, what will happen to it? As usual, we have two alternatives: either the world does not listen to what the wisdom of Kabbalah is talking about, the need to achieve unification, and we will lead the world to destruction, or changes will nevertheless occur.

If you look at the world through the wisdom of Kabbalah, you can see how the world is approaching correction.

However, you look abstractly from it , you can see how the world is not able to change. But we will try to work together; otherwise, it will be very bad. I hope that we will nevertheless be able to convey the correct unification methodology to all of humanity.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with David Blumenfeld” 3/25/20

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