A Cup For Elijah The Prophet

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/8/20

Every Passover night, during the ceremonial meal, there is a custom to pour one extra cup of wine and keep it for Elijah the Prophet as a welcoming gesture. Passover symbolizes passing over from egoism to altruism, and Elijah symbolizes the force that changes us from love of ourselves to loving our neighbors. Egypt symbolizes our egoism, and we begin to feel Egypt as an exile when we begin to want to emerge from our egoism. The more we want to pass over to love of others, the more we suffer from our ego and the darker Egypt becomes for us.

Finally, Egypt becomes so dark that we cannot see anything good about it. It is a state of intense recognition of my selfishness, and a request from the bottom of the heart that the Creator will change me so I will no longer harm or harbor bad thoughts about others. When the request is so intense that no prize or booty can tempt me to even want to enjoy it egoistically, the transition from bad to good occurs. That transition is called “the coming of Prophet Elijah.”

Happy passing over!

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