Selfishness Is The Virus

115.06Question: At the very beginning of the epidemic, people were allowed to gather up to 5,000 individuals, then up to 2,000 people, then 500, 100, to 10. And today you cannot get together with 10 people. That is, nature forcibly separates us, but for what purpose? What will happen next?

Answer: Kabbalah says: The assembly of sinners is bad for them and bad for the world. And the separation of sinners is good for them and good for the world.

Question: What is our sin?

Answer: It is that we were originally born in sin. And these are not religious phrases. Human nature is sinful in that we are egoists and think only about ourselves, how to make things better for ourselves and worse for others. Everything is relative. We live by constantly comparing our personal condition with others.

Therefore, the separation of people from each other, in principle, weakens their envy and jealousy and thus calms the state of society. After all, if society is comprised of people who are friendly to each other, to the extent of their friendliness, they can get closer. And if it is selfish, then to this extent they should move away from each other.

Question: That is, nature created us as selfish, so it is as though there are no claims against us?

Answer: Yes, it is said in the Torah: I (the Creator) created egoism. Exploring nature, we see that the attraction and rejection of all its parts, all the laws of nature, are based on the egoistic properties of matter.

Question: So, if we do not use our egoism correctly, then nature generates all kinds of viruses and other cataclysms so that we recognize the need to correct the ego. Is selfishness the same virus?

Answer: At any moment in time, we wish to receive maximum pleasure, and even better, if it happens at the expense of others. Our whole selfish nature is a virus. Inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and humans are in His power and manifest themselves only in this way.
From Kab TV’s “Coronavirus changes reality,” 3/19/19

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