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As soon as we stop being aggressive toward nature and step back, nature quickly makes up for the drastic human intervention.
Below is a photo of Park HaYarkon in Tel Aviv, Israel
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Amalek, true egoism, arises upon exiting Egypt, in the domain of the Creator. In Egypt, Pharaoh rules. In the Creator’s domain an opposite force, Amalek, is revealed. The only way to oppose Amalek is to work in the ten and raise a prayer to the Creator.

Amalek reminds us of himself (AMALEK – Al Minat LEKabel, neglect of the Creator, bestowal) or not—we must work on it constantly—look for where and how to add the importance of the Creator within us. He is the only reason we grow. It turns out that Amalek is help from the opposite. A disturbance is a sign that one needs to scrutinize and elevate oneself, a means from the Creator to rise toward Him.

Amalek is fighting against the importance of the Creator in us. Therefore, with his work on us he induces the need for the importance of the Creator. Amalek, our EGO, is showing me where to add the importance of the Creator in me.

The goal of the coronavirus is to change human nature. Man is the only element in nature that causes it harm. He has freewill, which is why he must take his correct self-governance into his hands. Until he does this, the virus will not disappear.

1. I am unable to understand the upper one who thinks on a different level, thus I don’t agree with Him. No matter how much I go over my conclusions and the conclusions of the upper one, I get only more convinced that His opinion is unacceptable to me, seems unreasonable to me, far from reality.

2. But after the scrutiny that I cannot agree with or justify the Creator, I stop myself saying: “Now I’m going to accept the opinion of the Creator above reason despite it being opposite to mine.” Precisely because it’s opposite to my reasoning I accept it as faith above reason.

3. I rejoice at the opportunity to do so. And if I cannot accept this, then I ask the Creator to give me strength to do so, for I go by faith above knowledge, accepting the opinion of the Creator. I understand that my knowledge remains below and above it is the knowledge of the Creator, one above the other.

4. I don’t replace my prior knowledge, understanding, and perception with the knowledge, understanding, or perception of the Creator, as the kids in our world do accepting an adult’s opinion. In spirituality I remain with my opinion besides which I also receive the opinion of the Creator and work according to it.

5. This is the form I remain in in spirituality. My verified opinion that I retain is called my knowledge. The opinion of the Creator that I have accepted becomes my faith. It is above my reason since I accept it as the truth even though my mind finds it to be unrealistic.

What must we do for the #virus to disappear? Nature is an integral system where all the parts are connected, one supporting the other. In this system, humanity must become a part that supports, connects, balances, and facilitates greater integration of all of nature’s elements.

Because we have tremendous power, we must treat nature very carefully, as the perfect integral system that it is. If we begin to do this consciously, our lives will be happy. And if we don’t, new viruses will come until they erase us off the face of the Earth…
This is the time and place to make the right choice.
From Twitter, 4/20/20

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