My Thoughts On Twitter 4/9/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Humanity’s problem now lies in realizing that the only right exit out of the crisis lies in correcting human relationships, from egoistic to altruistic. Returning to business relations without correcting human relations will lead to a huge crisis!

The world’s healing depends only on people’s relationships. Nature will strike the whole of humanity since it has become a global organism. It will strike until humanity realizes that it has to become interconnected by good forces—to fill the spaces between people with them…

We must reveal how different we are; this is what the #coronavirus is showing us. It is related to our desire or inner quality. I cannot come near another person since I do not want to be close to him. Hence I physically cannot come close to him! Our world is taking on the form of the spiritual world.

When the spaces between us start to “disappear,” the world will connect precisely through the empty spaces between us. All parts of reality will connect and form a new, corrected system of Adam, and the Creator will appear inside of it, organizing our connections and filling them with the upper force, with Himself.

What is the coronavirus? The virus is showing that, instead of connection between us, there are empty spaces that must be filled by the proper relationships. By revealing these gaps between us, we discover that we cannot communicate across them since through this corrupted connection, we pass the virus to each other.

Society, in its current form of being, has exhausted itself. The coronavirus is intended to help us change: the purpose of existence, development, and governance. It has helped us to become similar, to feel the need, from a misfortune shared by all, to look for a common solution.
From Twitter, 4/9/20

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