My Thoughts On Twitter 4/5/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Nature is telling us through the virus: “You have reached an integral form, by uniting in your egoism around the Earth, you have become one Ego-humanity! And now I will start to reveal to you, as to one body, by this virus, that you’re not okay. Start curing yourself from egoism!

The virus is preparing us for changes that lead to unity, so everyone will come to know the upper force of nature, from the small to the great, and all nations will gather in one common “house of prayer”—meaning everyone will unite in one common desire, mutual unity called the house of the Creator.

The #coronavirus is a force that awakens humanity to undertake a complete revision of its state. We are at the threshold of a complete revolution. For the first time, humanity is undergoing a spiritual revolution. We must draw the light that reforms, which will change mankind. Accelerate time!
From Twitter, 4/5/20

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