My Thoughts On Twitter 4/1/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Since the spiritual society strives to share common goods fairly, #socialism and later #communism are its systems of governance and distribution. The #virus showed that any system under threat, in the pursuit of self-preservation, leans toward #nationalization.

A #pandemic is a spiritual reset of humanity. It can alter our consciousness, our awareness of the purpose of existence. Basically this can happen in the joint struggle of people against #Coronavirus. Since the virus attacks everyone, without borders and limitations, it unites!

You can save yourself from Coronavirus only by hiding from it “between us” when we leave our self, egoism, and wish to remain in connection between us, in altruism, above us, pushing away our egoism (Aviut). Coming out of ourselves (Tzimtzum Aleph), we enter the Creator who is right between us.

The biggest problem in mastering the upper world is in its correct understanding that it lies in the connection between our egoisms, above them. It is felt to the degree that we oppose the egos, i.e., in the power of unity-bestowal, contrary to the power of rejection-receiving. Everything is only between us…!

I was struck by a letter saying:
– We fight, although every friend in the group is 100% committed to the goal, people very devoted to the path!
– Me: Aiming where? What are they devoted to? When unity is the goal, the feeling of unity is the feeling of the Creator!
From Twitter, 4/1/20

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